Drained the tank today...

Yesterday was a bit busier than I had intended it to be with me teaching some lessons in the morning, painting a 2nd coat of exterior on the house, treating the yard for weeds with Scott #2 fertilzer/weed control, riding a pair of laps out at Banner Pits to check what is needed for trail work (a lot), cooking dinner early so Alexa could eat before going to work, lifting weights, and finally sitting down to relax late at night for the Heat vs. Spurs game.  Not a bad day, just no down time until 8 PM.

I didn't really have much planned for today outside of doing some screen window repair.  When we woke up and made the coffee, Tara asked if we could go hit the Neal Smith Trail and ride from Mullets to the north of Saylorville Lake and back.  The weather was about 59 degrees and sunny when she asked, and luckily it warmed up into the 80's during our ride for a really nice day as it was not humid at all.  I wasn't really carbed up to take on a 40 miler after Banner hot laps and lifting weights along with yard work the day before, so I brought along a Cliff Bar and some GU to help fuel the journey.  All I can say is that the weather was perfect, and the ride was very scenic.

I spent most of the day behind Tara recovering from yesterday's efforts, and she was in tip top form pushing a pretty good pace at times as she is coming into form for RAGBRAI...


We managed to see a deer, a snake, one wild turkey, a beaver, some vultures, a few mice, a couple of chipmunks, lots of squirrels, tons of birds, and of course a nice family of geese along our ride today...


According to MapMyRide - which I was using because my Wahoo Blue HR Chest Strap is on the blink (replacement monitor is on its way) - we went about 41 miles and the trip took 3:20 at our LSD easy pace.  Regardless - it drained my glycogen tank!!!!

I had a lovely tuna steak with some fries and a pair of beers at Mullets for lunch which tasted pretty dang good after the ride.  We headed home after that.  After a cat nap, I ended up puttering for a couple of hours in the garage doing really nothing that I can remember.  I guess I fiddled with air pressure on the shocks of my RIP 9 as I  am considering racing it this weekend over in Omaha instead of the JET.

It's a really fun bike to ride and is always my go to for around here when I ride and train on the dirt.  I have it set up with a 1 x 9 drivetrain using the 34T chain ring.  It's fine for all the climbs - especially with me weighing in the 160's - so I'm trying to see why I wouldn't want to take it for Saturday's final Psycowpath race.  The extra cushion is always refreshing and might be fun for the Tranquility race on some of that course.  


I'm heading downstairs to hit the upper body weights now that my light dinner has digested.  Looks like I will spend the next two days getting the tank topped off and ready for Saturday's race.  The current forecast 3 days out says there will be Thunderstorms at race time - so who knows what will happen?  A 3 day forecast is suspect, but as we get closer to Saturday 12 noon I guess we will know...

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