Bike Fit and New Tires...

I think I've just about got my road bike fit dialed in...



A huge word of thanks to Road Bike Review and Mountain Bike Review member Roadworthy/Dirtrider7 who has been helping me - via the internet - to dial in my position on the Roubaix.  I've been stuck since last July in what he calls 'no man's land' with regard to not being stretched out enough on my bike with the French Fit I prefer.  This, in part, was my own fault last year as the Roubaix came with a perfect 120mm stem which I was using from April to July, and suddenly swapped out for a 110mm stem as I was still in recovery from my neck injury during the 2012 season and thought a shorter, more upright reach would help me "see" while on RAGBRAI.  Now that I am healed I am slowly getting all of my bikes stretched back out and into a more ideal position for me.  That means I was woefully too short in my cockpit with a stem that was short, spacers that were under the stem, and my saddle not as aft as it should have been.

In fact, I was way short (584mm) on the center of bar to nose of saddle measurement and now have gone back to 25" or 635mm for this measurement with the 120mm stem and a more negative drop to get things down a bit.  And I have the setback at 117mm when it was under a 100mm before.  It feels pretty good now, but I think I want to try a 130mm stem as that would put that c-c (bars to nose) measurement at 644mm and may or may not be a bit more ideal.  It's probably time for a fit with Adam up at Rassy's, but in the meantime - thanks Roadworthy for getting me much more back in the groove on my Roubaix.  Neck feels good.  Back feels good. 

Here it is with the shorter 110mm stem, seat aft, but still a bit compact and crowded for me which I had to try on a 44 mile ride Sunday.  It wasn't bad, but the longer stem feels much better.  Now to pick up a 130mm just to try on it today at Rassy's.


Here it is with the 120mm flipped negative...


It was time for new tires on the bike as well as I had about 1700 miles on the Almanzo's and with the rear tire tread wear and the delamination of the glued on tread issues - I said good bye to them and ordered up a pair of their supple Strada Bianca's instead...


I had to laugh mounting them up as I thought the brand name was very a propos for what I went through mounting them.  It was, indeed, a Challenge.  Luckily, out of the box the tread was not delaminated like my Almanzo's were.  And after 50+ miles they are looking fine and dandy.  These are excellent higher volume tires good for pavement and gravel where I ride this bike.  I run the psi around 50-55 and like how they feel.  They will be on the bike through RAGBRAI and until I wear these out. 

I had fun smoking some salmon on a cedar plank over the weekend.  Yes, it was tasty...


Tara picked our first handful of beets from the garden yesterday and we will be having them today...



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