Race Weekend on tap...

I have been busier this week - now that I am on summer vacation - than intended thanks to endless mowing, trimming, and weeding of my own yard as well as out at Banner mowing the trails.  Toss in a good dose of running errands and I think I need a time management consultation.  My "to do list" is so long, and this summer vacation is so short (due to teaching a May Term), I'm having to dive in daily without any down time.  Reminder to self: must add down time at some point.  At least a day or two of it...!!!

Instead of doing my scheduled one hour recovery ride on Wednesday morning, I mowed for 4 hours out at Summerset State Park (thinking it would only take me 2).  All the rain has boosted the growth expotentially the past 2 weeks to the point that it needs immediate attention to stay open for riding.


Then I had a 3 hour afternoon meeting at work, followed by an hour of upper body weights which left me tuckered out from a full day's effort.  Reminder to self:  Limit my trail work to 2-3 hours at a time only so I can still function and knock out my "to do list" at home.

Thursday, I got up and weeded my front yard, then mowed and trimmed it (as if 4 hours on Wednesday didn't satisfy me).  OK -  enough fatigue from mowing for a few days!!!!  After lunch, I ran an errand to get a new cooler for camping and picked up what I needed to cook dinner for the family last night.  Then I headed out to Banner for a 60 minute spin on the Niner RIP 9 to survey how much trimming still needs to be done out there as the jungle is growing in fast due to all of the rain.  Looks like about 45-50 man hours are needed to get the entire trail system in tip top shape.  That's enough for a CITA Saturday morning work day for sure...

Week 8 of my structured training plan Build, Peak, Race is the first actual week that the plan has a scheduled race built into it this Sunday.  And so it is as I will be heading to Mt. Kato in Minnesota to test my skills and fitness against the always competitive group in Minnesota.  There could be an additional challenge as it looks like a weekend with thunderstorms and rain showers.  However, the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series is a race rain or shine series - so the race will happen.  I'm not too excited about camping in a thunderstorm, but c'est la vie.  It's all just for fun and sport anyway.

The IMBCS fires up again next weekend with a FORC hosted event.  It will be a new trail for most of us, so that is always fun to look foward to racing at a new venue.

 IMBCS Joint Race

Today looks like more trail work for me (limiting my time to only 2-3 hours), packing up for camping, and doing some chores around the house.  I'm supposed to squeeze in my 45 minute XC Race Warm Up Practice as well.

Time to get up and make the coffee...

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