Race Weekend is on tap...

The opening 2014 IMBCS race will be tomorrow at Seven Oaks Ski Area just outside of Boone, Iowa.  The weather looks like it will be very enjoyable with temperatures in the 50's and low 60's.  PERFECT!!!

That is a far cry from racing there in the middle of summer when it can easiy be in the upper 80's and 90's with high humidty.  Racing in the high heat makes all the climbing even more difficult.  I'm not saying the climbing will still not be a test, because it will.  However, at least the weather won't be a factor for making our heart rates even higher than they would be in the heat.  It would be great to see a huge turnout at the race because this is the last year that Kyle Sedore and Ron DeGeest will host this event after all of the years of hard work they have done.  Kudos and thanks to both men for all of their hard work, dedication, and what they brought to Iowa Mountain Biking and IMBCS Racing!!!

It would be a huge boon (pardon the pun) to all mountain bikers to see somebody else step up and take over trail work at Seven Oaks and consider hosting a race next year.  I'm hoping that happens so we don't lose the venue for riding or for racing.

In terms of my conditioning, I'm really hoping that I feel the difference of riding up the hills without carrying this extra amount around with me this year...


It won't solve all of my genetically limited woes, but it does improve my power to weight ratio a bit.

This weekend marks the end of week #4 of the 12 week build, peak, and race plan.  My legs are a tad cooked from the work they have done this week, but it is all in an effort to build to a peak for a later point in the racing season.  I had a nice recovery ride yesterday keeping the heart rate and wattage as low as possible.  It felt like I was barely crawling along, but it did help work out some of the stiffness in my muscles from the hard intervals I did on Tuesday and Thursday.  Another short recovery ride is on tap for today with a few minutes of higher effort to prepare for tomorrow's race.

Today is Simpson Graduation, then I head up to Des Moines to make over 1000 kebabs to send to frozen storage for the upcoming food fair.  This is the second round of doing that and I know I will be tired from standing on my feet and working with the meat all afternoon - so I should sleep well tonight.  I need to work in mowing the lawn at some point this weekend as well!!!!

I also have plenty of work to do on finishing up the syllabus for the May Term Opera Workshop Class today and tomorrow.  I got a huge chunk of it done yesterday, but need a few tweaks, proofing, scheduling, and updates before it is ready to print out on Monday morning to hand to the class.  Then Monday begins 3 weeks of condensing an entire semseter into one intensive course as we put in long days from 10 to 10 to accomplish our course objectives.

Bon Weekend to all!

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