R & R Week in the bag...

I am wrapping up week #6 of the structured build training period, and it happens to be a rest and recovery week.  In spite of it being an R&R week, the busy schedule at work this week with the class I am teaching for the month of May (Opera Workshop), has been draining when in combination.

Monday:  leg weights
Tuesday: recovery spin
Wednesday: upper body weights
Thursday:  XC race warm-up practice
Friday:  core work/short recovery spin
Saturday:  power and HR performance test
Sunday:  Zone 2, two hour ride

Sunday finds me grilling 2,400 kebabs for the Jewish Food Fair from 9 AM - 4 PM outside in the nice sunny, 70 degree forecasted day.  So we shall see if I have anything left to complete a 2 hour Zone 2 ride after that. 

Tara is the co-chair for the food faiar event this year and has been working and organizing this event since last summer.  All the television and radio spots have been done this week, all the elements needed for the event finish arriving today and tomorrow, and it should be a great event.  It's open to the public and features great food, music, drink and fellowship.  Come one, come all!!!

Alexa arrived home last night from college for the summer.  So we had a nice family meal and reunion as the "nest" is full again for a few months.


Bon Weekend to all...

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