Performing tonight...

Singing Tonight

I'll be performing 4 very haunting songs based on "spirits" this evening that my colleague, Dr. Ron Albrecht composed.  Information can be found here.  One is a Native American poem, one is about the Holocaust, one is about Monsters in the Room, and one is about Spirits.  The music I will be singing with has all been produced using soundscapes and is very unique.  In fact, according to Dr. Albrecht, this has never been done at Simpson before.  So here's to a First!!!  The program will be in a lecture recital format and should only last about 30 minutes.  Yesterday's dress rehearsal was all about getting the electronic equipment set up and the balance correct.

This performance is all part of our May Arts Festival going on for 3 weeks at Simpson College.  There are 3 events today.  One at 11:45 involving Indian Dance in Harris Hall, another at 3 involving Jazz in Dirlam Lounge, and then the event I am singing in is at 7 in Lekberg Hall.

Bike Training

Here I am in the middle of Week #5 of my Build, Peak, and Race 12 week program.  My weight is maintaining in the 168-170 area.  I felt a bit cooked in the legs on Monday after Sunday's race at Boone, so I skipped the lower body weight lifting knowing I have another race on Saturday.  I did a nice recovery spin, did some upper body weights, and spent plenty of time with the foam roller instead.  I got back on the normal schedule Tuesday and knocked out the Zone 5 intervals on Tuesday, and did a nice 110 minute recovery spin last night after work with Tara.  It was perfect as Tara didn't feel too energetic and because of that, I averaged 105 bpm with the heart rate crusing along in Zone 1 for the majority of it.  

I will time today's Threshold Intervals as best as I can to allow for proper hydration to recover for tonight's performance.  If the weather does not allow me to do these outside on the road bike (big storms are headed our way), then I will do them in the basement on the LeMond.

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