Classes End!!! That's just about a wrap...

May Term Classes ended yesterday with the students and I striking the set, costumes, and props for opera workshop.  Then we administered a 3 hour exam to the students (a bit long and strenuous, but it was a 4 credit college course that covered a lot of material).  Following the test, we held a subsequent postmortem meeting with the faculty involved to review what went right, what went wrong and how to improve opera workshop for next time around in May of 2016.  By the time I got home around 3:45, I was ready to not think and just stare at the pavement.

And I was very hungry as my weight has dropped to 166 in spite of fueling myself quite well.  It feels like my body is settling into what an ideal race weight is and it is no surprise to me that it is getting very similar to what I weighed when I ran long distance races back in the 80's.

The last 90 days progress thanks to following the calories in vs. calories out guidance here

2014 Weight Loss

The last 90 days of focusing on a keeping just enough of a calorie deficit to shed the weight and fuel the training...

2014 Net Calories

The past 90 days of calories burned through exercise...

2014 Calories Burned in Exercise

Back to Friday after getting home from work...

I headed out on the bike for a 2 hour ride that included race starts to jolt my system a bit.  Although I have 3 mountain bike races, and one gravel race under my belt for this year, I realize that it is very difficult to replicate the start of an actual race in practice.  This was the first time in my training this year that I had race start practice scheduled, so I gave it my all.  Finally by the third race start I was pumping out what felt very similar to an actual start (the first 8-10 minutes) of a race.  Ouch!   

I came home and immediately fired up the grill to grill some turkey filets which coupled well with broccoli, spinach salad, and some multi-grain bread that was fresh out of the oven.  I was out like a light by about 8:45 PM and slept until 8:15 this morning.  I guess that says what state of fatigue a cummulative week of training combined with the performance/dress rehearsal week of Opera Workshop had left me in by Friday night.

Today is mowing, puttering, a ride on dirt, capped off this evening with our usual Memorial Day Weekend couples party at the home of the Hades.  I may try to throw a nap into the mix as well based on how I feel.  I have a huge "to do" list of things that have been left alone for weeks, if not months, due to the intensity of the academic teaching calander.  I don't have too much time to let that sit any longer before launching into attacking the list.

Here was my week of training... 

Week #7 of Build, Peak, and Race

Monday:  Lower Body Weights
Tuesday:  Zone 5 Intervals
Wednesday:  Upper Body Weights/Recovery Ride
Thursday:  Recovery Ride that was a bit too long!!!
Friday:  Race Warm-Up and Race Starts
Saturday:  XC Warm-Up and Race Starts with Technical Skills
Sunday:  LSD ride Zone 1 and 2 (will do this with Tara on a nice long ride weather permitting)

Tomorrow and Monday I will grade the final examinations from May Term, then we have a full faculty meeting and workshop day on Tuesday to round out the academic year.  Grades are due on Wednesday and we will meet to discuss that before submitting the grades for our class.

All the best to everyone this weekend as we join in honoring those who died serving our country.

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