Rest and Recovery Week Arrives!!!

Sunday ended my 2nd week of the 12 week build, peak, and race structured plan I am following.  Due to favorable weather - and the opportunity presenting itself for some garden and lawn work - the recovery week arrives just in time for me to recover from all of the additional work I added on top of the training this weekend.

Hauling 1000 pounds of dirt and manure on Saturday as well as lifting the tiller in and out of the car, over the garden fence, and manhandling it for a good hour or more all took a toll on the muscles.  Sunday was a scheduled 2 hour Zone 2 road ride which included a pretty nice wind out there, but I managed to complete the ride as prescribed without any issues.

When I got home from the ride, I decided to rake up all of the leftover leaves that had blown into the yard, corners of the fence, along the deck, in the bushes, etc...and bag them up.  After I finished that, I mowed for the first time this year.  I did it more for mulching any leftover leaves than to trim the grass.  However, I did notice the grass was growing on about 60% of the lawn and at it was worth it to even it all out until the rest of the lawn that is still dormant wakes up this week.  Tara planted some appropriate things for this time of year in our garden, but I think she jumped the gun a bit with some tomatoes.  We usually wait until the 2nd week of May to do that and I always consult online sources such as this:  http://www.theiowagardener.com/Planting_Calendar_for_Iowa.html

However, she wanted to try an experiment to get a few planted early and has a little "housing" over them to protect them from the cold and bad weather.  If they survive - fine.  If not, well we have the seedlings in the house that will be ready for the 2nd round, and eventual 3rd round as she staggers our tomato plantings so we have a fresh crop longer.

Monday was all about recovery for me.  Simpson didn't have school on Monday as it is a traditional day off to allow for travel when the students go home for Easter weekend.  After Alexa headed back to Iowa City, I got showered and headed to the mall as my pants, jeans, and shorts are all too big now that I have lost weight.  The new shorts I bought just last summer at 182 pounds were falling off of me while I was gardening.  Rather than buy new shorts, I think I am going to get all of them altered.  My 34" waisted Levi jeans are so baggy I look like I am swimming in them and the belt has to cinch them together to hold them up.  Since January 5th, my waist has dropped down to 31" and change along with my weight being at 173 right now, so I picked up two new pairs of jeans.  I only have one more week of the semester, so I will swim in my suits and dress pants this week and figure out what can be altered this summer and what needs to be purchased new if I keep this weight.

The sun poked out about 4 PM and my wife wanted to go for a 90 minute bike ride.  I decided, since I was still sore from the gardening work on Saturday, to flip flop my Monday (weight lifting for the lower body) with my Tuesday (recovery Zone 1 ride) training.

I pulled out the Roubaix....


...and put a big bottle of water on it for the ride to Banner Pits and back with Tara.  We were against the wind going downhill to Banner and it was tough to maintain any sort of pace the gusts were up to 30 mph.  Coming home, we were literally blown back up the hill to Indianola and we rolled into the driveway with 1:29:05 in the bank and 18.48 miles logged.  Tara made a big salad and put in the leftover smoked leg of lamb which tasted really good.  Then I went to work memorizing and practicing.  My allergies are in hypermode at the moment with the gardening, lawn work and combination of tree/grass pollen making for a rousing round of sneezing several times a day.  Not to mention the need to rub the eyes all the time - and that's all with medication to control it!!!

Tonight at 6:15 is my Second Studio Recital and I hope everyone is healthy and able to perform.  After that, I will come home and do my lower body weight lifting and dive into more memorizing (my mind doesn't work like it used to when doing memory work!!!!).

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