Progress on the Pound Check: 18.8 down...

Today's post is only for me to journal my progress.  Sorry for the pictures as they are only a visual for myself to view the trimming up progress to remind me of what I have been through this year. 

It's true.  Indeed it is true.  I was carrying around a spare tire!!!!   If one considers that the average automobile tire weighs 20 pounds, it was around my waist.


That's a lot of excess to be hauling around!!!!

The combination of targeting a good racing weight, health worries of carrying too much visceral fat, and wanting to get in good shape - all pointed to the need of attacking it this year for sure.  So I hopped out of the boat in the River DeNial and have found myself inching my way back onto terra firma.

It was easy to "hide" in the skinny-fat syndrome where, due to my height and lanky body type, it was fairly well hidden under clothes.  Not so well hidden with the shirt off.

January 6 weigh-in:  187 pounds

Targeting 1 pound of weight loss per week with the combination of base training exercise, and running a slight calorie deficit up to this point in the year, has led to yesterday's weigh in....

April 28 weigh-in:  168.2 pounds


I think the body is finally settling into a pretty good racing weight.  I have just a few pounds more to go, but at this point it will settle where it settles with the training I am doing.  Back when I ran, the marathon days were in the 157-165 range with the stomach just a tad flatter than where it is at the moment.

My energy has improved and it feels good to get back in the weight range that I spent 25 years of my adult life.  The waist has dropped back from 34+ to the 30-31 range (I used to have a 28-29" waist at my lightest and 36" at my heaviest).  I don't see going below a 30" waist at this point as 30" has always been pretty ideal for my body type and frame size.  Not to mention, it is nearly impossible to find pants that are 29" x 36"!!!

Having come this far, I want to make sure I've wiped out as much visceral fat as possible as that is the main health risk for men my age.  And for me, it is especially a risk due to a biological family history of heart disease and Type II diabetes.  Both have me on guard to fight and prevent both at all costs.  I am also attempting to lower my cholesterol without medication which I stopped taking a few weeks ago after years of being on it.  I have read too many negative things about statins and would prefer not to be taking medication.  I will have a blood test next month and another test this summer to see if I have been successful in that endeavor with the weight trim that I have done, or if I will need to go back on the medication.  Trimming the visceral fat helps with producing more favorable numbers - so I can see myself easily trimming a few more pounds to attack it full on to be successful at reaching all of my goals - racing weight, getting in good shape, removing health risks, and removing the visceral fat.

Climbing stairs feels so much easier.  Walking up inclines is so much easier.  There is a spring in my step that has been missing for quite some time.  All in all, it has been a very positive experience for me to go through the past 18 weeks.

Update on the Almanzo mixed with E6000 glue experiment:  It worked!!!

Now, on to today's Zone 5 intervals...


Iowagriz said...

Damn! I knew you could get down below 170. I better get my shit together, you are lower than I am now. I have about 8-10 to get to Dakota Race weight. Hopefully as the miles ramp up in May that will take care of itself.

Good job!

Bruce Brown said...

Thanks, Tom. Plenty of time before Dakota Five-0 to trim and your May miles I'm sure will work their magic.