First ride of the year for somebody, and a first Winterreise for another...

Thursday was about 10 degrees cooler than Wednesday, but Tara wanted to go out for her first ride of the year.  Since breaking her right hand on January 15th, she has been healing up nicely and the OT gave her the green light to try an outside bike ride this week.

After work, I took her bike off of the CycleOps trainer in the basement, aired up the tires and made sure it was good to go on the road.  We headed down to Banner Pits on the road bikes, did a loop or two within the park and stopped for a picture as a balloon was about to launch...


We've gotten pretty used to all of the hot air balloons in and around Indianola, but they are always fun to see at launch and in the sky thanks to the vivid colors.

Tara has trimmed down to 112 pounds, and I'm down to 175.  We have both noticed we feel "colder" due to having shed our excess.  As optimistic as we were by dressing in our cycling shorts - we both felt chilly on the ride.  Luckily, the 70's, 80's, and temperatures in the 90's are coming and will be welcomed by us.

I don't know who invented "Sibling Day" (outside of checking the always accurate source - Wikipedia about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siblings_Day), but evidently yesterday was it!  My cousin Marilyn Naden posted an oldie of Becky and I on the front steps of our house way back in the 1960's.  Looks like we are dressed to go to church on a Spring Sunday morning...


So, hey - "Happy Sibling's Day" to you Becky!!!

Speaking of family and siblings...

Alexa arrives home from school for the weekend today at 4:30 so she can attend Zack's Junior Recital on Saturday at 3 PM in Lekberg Hall.  Zack has really put some great work into preparing this wonderful piece over the past 7 or 8 months.  IMO, he is ready to tackle the piece.  I've enjoyed working through it with him and am pround of his dedicated work to give it his first go. Kyle is an amazing pianist from Johnston who is currently studying at the University of Kansas.  Kyle has been working on it with Martin Katz via some private coachings and I have to say, Kyle's playing is stunning.  Their dress rehearsal went very well and this will be an excellent collaboration between these two young talented musicians.  They hope to perform it again in the future. 

The blurb:

Baritone Zack Brown, and guest pianist Kyle Naig present the Romantic Period's quintessentail song cycle:  Franz Schubert's Masterpiece tomorrow at 3 PM in Lekberg Hall!!!


All are invited and a reception follows in the Lobby of Lekberg.  It's the first time a student has ever sung the entire cycle at Simpson College.

This has been an excellent music history week at Simpson due to last night's performance of the first ever song cycle written.  Beethoven's An die ferne Geliebte which Joe Farrand took on for part of his senior recital.  Schubert worshipped Beethoven and through Schubert's two cycles of Die Schöne Müllerin and the pinnacle of song cycles to date - Winterreise - has become known as the Grandfather of the song cycle.  We also get to hear a Dvorak and a Jake Heggie song cycle tonight!!!!  What a week at Simpson for the song cycle!!!!!!

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