Was the wait worth the weight?

Weight and wait - both weighed in on me for Monday, 2014.

One being the step up onto the scale in the bathroom routine each morning for my "weigh-in".  I began the year with a goal of dropping weight.  The goal of how much moved around, but I had my sights set on 177 which I reached.  Whether that is, was, or will be my ideal race weight - I don't know yet.  I've been racing at 180-185 the past few years.  I'm keeping the calorie deficit game on for now to see what happens and have subsequently already moved below 177 on my way perhaps to a more ideal weight.  One that I had when running endurance races perhaps.  Who knows?

Regardless - I am now at the lowest weight I have been since arriving back in the US in the summer of 2003!!!  I now have shed this since January 6th....


12 pounds may not seem like much when you look at it in the form of a hand held weight.  It is even less impressive when you actually pick it up.  In fact, after lifting weights the past several months - 12 pounds seems almost laughable and downright measly when held in your hand.   On paper it was 6.4% of my body weight which still doesn't seem like that much.  However, the actual discipline and time it takes to drop 12 pounds for me has taken a full 11 weeks. 

What about that wait?

11 weeks is a bit of a wait.  But it pales in comparison to other milestones such as 10 years.  Although I am about to finish my 11th year teaching at Simpson College in another month or two, I was honored on Monday along with others for our milestone years of service.  For me, I was in the group that was honored for 10 years which is the first milestone faculty and staff are recognized.  There was a reception in the Matthew Simpson room and the awards were handed out as we went up to the front of the room when our name was called and shook the hand of our new President, Jay Simmons.

My prize for 10 years of service was a glass paperweight...


That's right -  a 10 year wait for the weight...

Speaking of weight and wait, I think it won't be long that our wait for Spring is finally finished.  Temperatures are due to soar up to 70 this Sunday!!!


Iowagriz said...

Great job on the weight loss and congrats on the milestone at work.

The loss of weight will be apparent once the race season starts for you. I think that your eyes will be opened and then you will shoot for the 170 mark. That happened to me about 4 years ago (when I broke my jaw). I have lots of work to do in the coming months to get back to racing weight and shape.

Good luck at Swanson this weekend. I don't think that I will be making the trip (unless Maddie wants to race).


Bruce Brown said...

Thanks, Tom. Yes, I think 170 would be a good target and be noticed on the hills. I weighed around 173-4 for the better part of age 20-40, so it would be nice to get back to that fighting weight (too bad I tossed out all of those clothes!!!).