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Keith Wilson, the husband of Canadian professional mountain biker Catharine Pendrel participates on the MTBR.com XC racing forum and posted a funny, yet practical explanation of Coggan's 6 training zones in a discussion yesterday.

Catharine is a great rider and it's fun to hear what her husband Keith - who goes by the name of LMN on the message boards - has to say about competitive mountain bike racing and training.



Rather than heart rate, watts, etc..., LMN said it narrows down to this...

1. Old lady pace
2. Chatty pace
3. Feel good hard
4. Feel bad hard
5. I am going to die
6. Flat out

Now that's some funny, but rather good stuff!!!   Especially when riding by perceived effort.

In addition to riding and racing on an amateur level himself, he also coaches a lot of athletes.  I always enjoy reading what he has to say with regard to racing and training.   Regardless, the simplified version of the 6 training zones has descriptions all of us that cycle, train, and race can relate to on some level.

Looks like I might get a pretty nice block of Zone 2 rides in this week after all.  Tuesday was day three of consecutive 2 hour rides and had me out in an absolutely crazy high wind where it was hard to keep the bike upright.  It's one of the strongest winds I've ever been out riding in with gusts in the 45-52 mph range.  Yup, I'm nuts.  I know.  Needless to say, I didn't see any other bikers out on the trail due to the conditions.  Imagine that...

How bad was the wind?  Branches were blown down all over town and along the tree lined Summerset Trail.  Out on the open flats I could barely maintain 10-12 mph even when pushing Zone 3 going the 15 miles to Carlisle.  Once I made the turn back south, I hardly had to pedal and I was buzzing along at 24-27 mph.  Talk about a nice prize earned after going straight into those mega-gusts for the first half of the trip!!!

Below is the ride summary followed by a short video clip as I looped through the pavement at Summerset State Park on the way back from Carlisle.  It's pretty much pointless to watch as you'll hear, but I just wanted you to hear the 45 - 52mph gusts which overwhelmed the iPhone's microphone.  And that was in the partially sheltered by the tree section of the ride!  I nearly blew over more than a few times on today's ride, but I got my 2:04:15 in for 29.28 miles no matter what the wind threw at me. 


Anyway here's the video with the wind totally overwhelming my chat (and me)....

What a wind!!!!

For whatever reason, I am wide awake at 5 AM this morning.  I've already made the coffee, chopped the kale and spinach, chopped the green pepper, chopped the onions, and chopped the mushrooms for this morning's eggs which Tara usually makes around 6:30.  I fell asleep at 9:30 last night, so that led to me waking up so early.

Time for my first cup of French Roast...

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