March arrives....

....with 7" of snow along with 8 degrees and a howling wind.

Picture of the day is about how Tara and I feel at this point...


Too funny for sure, but I think we can all relate even though in truth Spring 2014 is just around the bend.  We sure did need the moisture, so all of the snow has been very welcome for that.  Everyone is just up in arms because this is the worst winter since 1979.  C'est la vie....winter is winter when you live in a continental climate.  We got pretty spoiled with a couple of mild ones recently.

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to my son who turned 21 yesterday!!!  We had cheesecake to celebrate.

Happy Birthday to my sister Becky who is .......#% years old today!!! ;-)

Happy Birthday to Deb Hade today as well!!!!

Street Scene Opera Weekend

Last night was the opening night of Street Scene for Simpson College Opera and it was a huge success.  Zack was unable to sing due to having caught my flu/cold/bug.  Hopefully he can sing either tonight or tomorrow as he is getting better each day, but time will tell....

This is another prospective student weekend, so auditions and sample lessons mixed in with the performances will keep me busy today and tomorrow.

Alexa is here for the weekend visiting to see the opera, celebrate her brother's birthday and visit the home front.  She helped me pull out the treadmill from the storage room yesterday and get it set up in the basement gym.  I decided to do a 30 minute jog on it last night after work before the opera instead of my scheduled 30 minute recovery ride.  It felt pretty good and gave me a chance to try out my new running shoes.  I finished up with a spinach salad, turkey, veggies and a beer to round out my eating day with a bit too much of a caloric deficit than is wise. 

End result, I weighed in this morning at 178 to go sub 180 for the first time this year!!!!  A few more pounds and I should be at my target weight to switch to maintenance.
Yes, March is here, but winter is in full force today.  We are just hoping the 7" of snow will not prevent the orchestra from making it to play the show tonight!  We need the ticket sales and the show to go on....!!!!!!!

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