Gravel Grinder tires on the way...

After stopping in at Rassy's, spending a lot of time last night reading reviews and products online, I decided to order a pair of the Challenger Alamanzo gravel race tires that are sized in 700 x 30c to have a go at an event or two and some gravel riding on the bike.  These tires are named after a gravel event in southern Minnesota.  Quite a few Iowa riders get on the roster and ride the event and one of them had recommended the tire to me.  Hopefully they will fit, and based on my luck with the Twister Pro 1.3's fitting fine in my Roubaix - I think I'll be okay.  If not, well the exercise will have been a learning experience.


I've got plenty of Thudbusters (ST and LT) sitting around to soften up the ride if need be.  No worries there.  I rode some gravel today on my fourth 30 miler of the week (2 more to go) and of course the gravel is perfect right now in terms of fast and not chunky because they have not graded it or added new chunk as the snow and ice just melted this week.  Even my 25mm's did fine and I was flying for a few miles until I started eating dust from a bunch of cars and trucks going into Carlisle.  My go to gravel bike has always been my Dos Niner, but the Roubaix is a nice do all weapon and adds the advantage of tucking down in the drops when the prairie wind is howling.  If I can't get the tires sorted out, I'll just ride my Dos Niner.

What happened to Spring Break?!!!

Spring Break is flying by as usual.  I pick up Alexa tomorrow late afternoon from the University of Iowa for her Spring Break.  It will be nice to have her home for the week to catch up.

The good news for this week is that I have been getting a lot of outside riding in.  Nothing against all of the training I've been having to do inside this year due to the weather constraints, but it is really nice to get out on the actual bike and work the glutes/quads/calfs/core, etc... .  I have been maintaining my weight at 178 which involves a lot of eating to recover and fuel myself for the daily 2 hour rides I've been doing.  I did take yesterday off from a bike ride and did a full body weight lifting session that had me run out of steam at the 65 minute mark.  I also did 40 minutes of walking after that with the dogs which had me wake up today with the standard delayed onset muscle soreness. 

I worked on taxes a bit, met Cam Kirkpatrick for lunch up in Des Moines, and then headed out for my 5th outdoor ride of the year in 62-64 degree weather.  A lot of people were out enjoying the late afternoon and that was good to see.

Smart Phone App

Being new to smart phones and apps, I downloaded the usual suspects to try them out before figuring out what I like and need.  Well, need is a very loose term since I've had no trouble riding in the previous 52 years without any apps or phones.  Do I really need an app and smart phone?  It's fun to toy around with it for the moment.  I tried out my new Wahoo Fitness Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor today with my iPhone and the excellent Wahoo Fitness App.

Having the screen on full time with the MapMyRide App drained the battery pretty well of my iPhone on a 2 hour ride.  However, having the screen on full time with the Wahoo App for the same 2 hour ride still left 54% of my battery life.  Now that's perfect for my usual needs.  Otherwise, I could pick up the Wahoo RFLKT computer for $99 which allows it to communicate with your iPhone while it is asleep so your battery lige is not zapped.  The other alternative is to get an extra iPhone external battery to add 3-4 more hours of battery life.  However, my iPhone seems to be working fine as is for a cycling computer to meet my current needs. 

The screen shot is really easy to follow...


And the sharing works with Training Peaks and myfitnesspal along with plenty of others...


I will consider myself set for the moment.  Whether or not I need all of that information remains to be seen.  For now, I will enjoy the novelty of having it all displayed on the iPhone (mounted on the stem with the Rockform) to view as I am riding the road bike.

Making my numbers...

I didn't quite make my numbers in February on the bike due to the flu knocking me off the bike that one week and slowly getting back into it (and skipping the long weekend sessions).

February 1 - rode 29.8 miles for a duration of 91 minutes
February 2 - rode 47.2 miles for a duration of 150 minutes
February 3 - rode for 30 minutes recovery spin
February 4 - rode for 19 miiles for a duration of 60 minutes
February 5 - rode for 10.1 miles for a duration of 30 minutes
February 6 - rode for 29.6 miles for a duration of 90 minutes
February 8 - rode for 28.4 miles for a duration of 90 minutes
February 9 - rode for 40 miles for a duration of 120 minutes
February 10 - rode for 3 miles for a duration of 10 minutes
February 11 - rode for 18.6 miles for a duration of 60 minutes
February 12 - rode for 10.4 miles for a duration of 30 minutes
February 15 - rode for 28.2 miles for a duration of 90 minutes
February 16 - rode for 8.6 miles for a duration of 30 minutes
February 17 - 21 - Got SICK!!! Took 5 days off the bike!
February 22 - rode for 9.9 miles for a duration of 30 minutes
February 23 - rode 22 miles for a duration of 60 minutes
February 25 - rode 20.1 miles for a duration of 60 minutes
February 26 - rode 10.1 miles for a duration of 30 minutes
February 27 - rode 23.6 miles for a duration of 75 minutes

Total for month of February: 358.5 miles/18:25 hours 

This month is going fine and hopefully I will be able to make my goals.  I need a big ride in there either tomorrow or Saturday to get me up over 50 miles. 

March miles to date...

March 1 - rode 28.6 miles for a duration of 90 minutes
March 4 - rode 9.8 miles for a duration of 30 minutes
March 5 - rode 9.3 miles for a duration of 30 minutes
March 6 - rode 19.6 miles for a duration of 60 minutes
March 7 - rode 10.1 miles for a duration of 30 minutes
March 9 - rode 28.97 miles for a duration of 2:03:49
March 10 - rode 31.61 miles for a duration of 2:06:11
March 11 - rode 29.28 miles for a duration of 2:04:15
March 13 - rode 33.9 miles for a duration of 2:00:59

Total for month of March: 201.16 miles/12:15:14 hours 

Factoring in 2 more weeks remaining come Monday, if I add in all of the weights, dog walks, and 9 pounds of weight loss, I feel that this base period has been pretty good to me.  I've been careful to try and maintain the weight where it is for a bit to see how it feels on the bike and for my energy levels. 

It's all in the Hand...

Tara made progress today at the dinner table doing her exercises for her hand.  She takes the splint off to do the exercises and for the first time, she was able to straighten out her hand.  It's going to take time, but the small steps along the way - especially just a week after getting the pin out - are nice to enjoy.

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