Big Zone 2 Week continues...

I am taking advantage of what Ma Nature is giving me this week.  I skipped my weight lifting session yesterday to ride in the 65-67 degree temperatures for another 2 hour ride primarily in Zone 2.  I'll switch things around this week to adjust for the weather.  Tomorrow will be cold, so I can do weights inside on that day.

Here was yesterday's first ride of the year in shorts!!!


Hard to imagine it was 5 degrees a week ago.  All snow is now gone, but the forecast says we might get an inch this evening.

Being Spring Break, it was a Simpson Faculty Day out on the Summerset Trail Monday.  I saw no less than 6 colleagues out doing the ride to Carlisle and back - plus one was running the route.  I ran into Ron Albrecht on his new recumbent as I was coming into Carlisle.  I told him I would catch up to him after I made the turn.  About 10 minutes later I caught up to Ron and we rode back to Summerset State Park and did a loop in the park.  Coming out of the park I saw Bob Matthews pulled over on the trail with his FAT BIKE talking to an avid walker.  He was in his shorts as well!!!  The glare from our legs required Oakley's to survive!  I said toodles to Ron and stopped to chat with Bob and Lisa.  Bob was out getting 30 miles in and enjoying the weather.  After 10 minutes of chit chat I figured I had better continue on up the hill to Indianola as I needed to get home to fire up the EGG to smoke the evening's meal.

By the way, according to Zack and Tara I outdid myself this time creating championship quality chicken.  Although I'm not a fan of using Mesquite wood on poultry - I did this time along with an herb rub of olive oil, garlic, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, salt, and pepper with a bit of paprika to top it off.  Yum!  Big time yum as these 2 organic birds locked in all the juices and after resting for 20 minutes in a foil tent following the 2 1/2 hour smoke - the treat was fantastic.  The taste was a big, bold Texas Mesquite smoke that brought back a lot of memories.  Reminds me that I want to do my next brisket with mesquite so I can have some nice Texas flavor.

We had one of the birds last night, and the 2nd bird we'll have in a salad tonight.  The weather looks favorable for a ride (46 and windy) at the moment, so I'm heading out for another 2 hour Zone 2 session.  I hope to get one in on Thursday (will include my Zone 4 work), Friday, and Saturday as well to take advantage of the upper 40's and low 50's that Ma Nature is throwing at us with sunshine this week.  That means, I will be moving my workouts around a bit and shifting things from the normal schedule to get what I can this week.

On the road again...

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