Wheezing my way back to work...

I have coughed so much that the muscles near the lower side of my left ribs have been pulled and are really sore.  Ditto on the lower back.  In spite of that, I have turned the corner and am getting better. 

I was able to maintain my weight lifting sessions last week in spite of being sick.  I lifted on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  After the 5 days of ick, I did manage to attend the auditions at Simpson on Saturday morning and was feeling better by afternoon.  Enough so that I did a 30 minute recovery spin on the LeMond to see how it felt.  The legs were fine, the increased breathing did as expected - set off a few coughing spells.  However, I felt really good after the ride.  Zack woke up with a sore throat and laryngitis - so it appears he caught my bug.  Rats!  Not good during the week of the opera.  More on that later...

While Zack slept it off Saturday night, Tara and I went up to Des Moines for a nice dinner and visit.  She without her right hand, and me being sick - somebody else needed to cook!

Sunday, I upped the recovery spin to 60 minutes and felt fine. 


Or I should say at least I felt good enough to consider working my way back into training this week as scheduled.  I have the option of repeating the week I missed, or moving forward.  Either way, my health is improving day by day.  Yet, I must be careful to ease back into the structured training.  There is a great article about surviving the cold and flu season and easing back into training available here.

After the 60 minute recovery ride, Tara and I went shoe shopping as both my winter boots and my hiking boots seemed to have cracked and developed leaks in them at the same time.  So I got a nice durable pair of weather proof hiking books that will be perfect to take to Germany next year as well.  We split an oatmeal cookie (mega calories even for 1/2 of one!!!) and got a coffee before coming back home to make dinner.

When it rains, it pours...

So goes the saying.  Me sick.  Zack is sick.  His car is making a terrible noise and needs to be repaired.  And for some strange reason, I stuck my head in the closet that houses the hot water heater late Sunday night as I was hunting for some DVD's I've used in the classroom before and couldn't locate.  Imagine my surprise when I found water all over the floor and a leaking hot water heater!!!!  Great!

I made a call to the plumber early Monday morning and they came right over to make a diagnosis.  A new one was ordered and installed by noon - so that was one problem solved.  I ran fans on the floor for 2 days to dry out any wetness and things should be fine.

I took Zack to the Doctor on Monday morning after the plumbers made their diagnosis.  Zack's bug will have to run its course, but they gave him medicine to nip his illness in the bud and hopefully have him back in shape for the weekend.  We shall see how that develops as he is pretty knocked out.  His did not settle in his lungs as mine did, so that's good news.  The Doctor and nurse said they are literally seeing hundreds by the day come into the office with these viral and bacterial bugs. 

I worked the full day on Monday and was careful not to expend too much energy and pace myself throughout the day.  The cold air when I breathe it in sets off my lungs and a coughing spell, so I am being careful not to take gulps of cold air.  I am wearing a face mask to help warm the air as I breathe it - especially now that the polar vortex has arrived again taking temperatures about 40 degrees below normal for this time of year.  I did take a nap after dinner before I did my leg weights later in the evening to round out my Monday.

Riding outside at the moment would be like this...


...as we have about 2 inches of fresh snow and the temperatures are -2 to 4.  So I will continue on my merry way in the basement with today's scheduled ride to see how I do.  If I cannot sustain the higher power, I'll back off and bag it until I am healthier.

The good news is that I have continued to trim weight and have made it down to 181.  The 170's seem so close now it should just be a matter of time as I continue to run a slight caloric deficit and actually feel pretty full with all of the good things I am eating.  I have been forcing myself to track my calories so that I can learn and see the honest truth of what I am eating and get the proper balance of carbs/fat/protein dialed in for my racing weight.   

Well, it's time to shovel the walks and take the dogs out for their morning walk.  I'm not looking forward to the cold air which will kick up a nasty cough, but I am looking forward to getting better day by day.

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