Weekend kick off of Sochi...

Wow!  This week seemed to fly by.  I am happy to report that after cooking all of the meals, I've been informed I earned a night out tonight.  Whew!  That's good - although I was all set to make some pasta to get ready for tomorrow's 3 hour bike ride. 

I just did some core work on Friday after work (got home at 6:30).  We ate leftovers while watching the Opening Ceremony for the Sochi Olympic Games.  Loved the Russian choral sound!!!!

We woke up on Saturday morning and saw that we got some nice snow to start the weekend.  I took the dogs for their morning walk and found the new snow to be really light and fluffy.  So it was easily removed with a scoop.

I am happy to say that on Thursday evening's L4 session - I made my numbers on all five of the 6 minute L4 intervals.  And I used all sorts of cadences to see if that was the culprit in prior weeks (nope).  And my heart rate remained lower on those intervals than it averaged for my FTP - just as it should be.  Better nutrition, two floor fans blowing me silly, and it all worked out just fine.  Hmmmm....it makes me wonder what was so off the week before.  Me?  Nutrition?  Sleep?  Still recovering from a cold?  Too warm in the basement?  Too stressed?

Regardless, Thursday was successful and I can move on and forward.  I've spent the week using all sorts of cadences to the point that everything is working.


Today was a 90 minute Zone 2 ride, but I goofed around here and there getting out of saddle for some efforts to keep it interesting as we watched the Olympics on NBC's Saturday morning/afternoon coverage.


I will do another FTP test next weekend, but think between the January FTP, a MAP Ramp Test, and next week's FTP - I will have a pretty good handle on my training zones.

It's not too easy to improve my FTP while also using this base period to cut weight and lift weights.  I am determined to cut some weight without being ridiculous about it.  If money was at stake, well - we've seen pros do what they needed to do to cut weight.

Be it for a prima ballerina role...


To try and win a yellow jersey...


To win a marathon...


Or to win the $250K as The Biggest Loser...


You can see the similar tactic of trimming the upper body to keep weight down in the photos above.  That's dedication for their profession - or contest they are participating in that involves $$$.  Once the fat is trimmed away, the body feeds on the muscle.  Look at all of their arms.  Slim and trim.

I carry about 10 pounds of weight on my upper body that is totally not necessary.  I know, because for most of the time between age 20 and 36, I weighed in the 170's.  Running a caloric deficit during this 12 week base period hopefully will continue to chip away at those 10 pounds that are not necessary.  Could this be the year I go sub 180 and actually keep it there for the entire season?  It would be 10 extra pounds that I wouldn't have to haul up the hills and around the course that are not providing any benefit to me now, so here's to my 2014 trim!

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