The Week that Wasn't....

That is what I am going to call this week - the week that wasn't.

I got hit pretty hard on Monday with illness that included fever, body ache, and chest congestion.  I had to go home from work on Tuesday afternoon and it just got worse from there.  The coughing at night was so bad while trying to sleep Thursday night that I took myself into urgent care this morning.

Today's Diagnosis:  Influenza

So much for the flu shot that I got this year.  

I have fever, swollen lungs, plugged ears, plugged nose and the next thing I knew I was getting steroid shots in my backside from the nurse to combat the swelling in my lungs (a short term and a long term shot).

The Doc put me on a Nebulizer 3 times a day for a month, a daily Sudafed, and some cough medicine with codeine so I can sleep at night.  He asked if I had been exercising and I said not since I came down with the illness on Monday.  He said good and asked when the next time I was going to get on the bike would be and I said "not until this is gone" and he said good.  So, pretty much three days of work missed, and I will not be performing tonight at our Faculty/Student concert considering my voice is about an octave lower than normal.  I will try to make it in for the day of auditions tomorrow, but I don't want to infect anybody else.

Here I am breathing through the Nebulizer for treatment #1...


Ah....the week that wasn't and I don't want to repeat for a long, long time.  If I bounce back, I am hoping on picking up with week 7 of my base plan (that I skipped this week) on Monday.  Time will tell if I will be ready by then or not for that.  The main thing is to lick this thing as nasty as it all feels at the moment.

Knocked down and out for the moment...


Iowagriz said...

I had the same thing, but during my ski trip. Flu type-A. Doc put me on TamiFlu, Zpack and Codiene cough syrup. I think I finally hacked the last of it up during CIRREM. Good luck, use the rest and relaxation wisely. At least you had a good start and base going. That will come back quickly.

Bruce Brown said...

Thanks Tom. Wow, sorry you had it on your ski trip.