Resting and Recovering...

The two week training block I just completed worked its magic again, as Monday and Tuesday has left me in a humbled recovery mode.  Yesterday was to be a simple weight lifting sesssion after work, and I typically come home from work on Monday, eat dinner, and then do the weights later in the evening to allow my body to recover as much as possible from the weekend endurance rides.

I ate dinner, and literally was so tired from the work day and training that I took about an hour nap.  I felt better after the nap (I needed one all afternoon), and cleaned up the kitchen and dishes.  Zack had made a wonderful dinner of pasta, meatballs and roasted asparagus (Tara guided and instructed him) - so I felt nourished.  I usually warm up on the bike for 5 - 10 minutes before lifting.  Last night with NBC showing me the Olympics, I laughed at how I struggled to pedal the bike for 10 minutes at a wattage below 100!!!  The laughing was because the entire weekend featured nearly 4 hours of non-stop wattages in the 154-220 range.  Struggling to eek out 10 minutes of warm-up to get the blood flowing seemed comical to me, but it speaks to the training load of the past 2 weeks having left me me in the desired condition of needing a recovery week.

I managed to get all of my lifts in while watching the Olympics and thought about doing a 5 - 10 minute cool down on the bike to end the session.  I gazed at the bike, weighed how my legs felt and made the decision to skip that considering how I felt.  I went up to bed and slept soundly for 8+ hours.  I felt it on this morning's dog walk, but will recover throughout the day in time to do an hour Zone 2 spin after work tonight. 

The week tapers into a scheduled power test on Saturday and I will need to be recovered for that.  We have a big music audition weekend at Simpson on Saturday and on Sunday, so scheduling everything I want to do this weekend will require careful planning to get it all done.  I will take Tara on Friday to the doctor to have them remove the cast, take x-rays, and then put a new cast on her arm.  She will wear that cast for another 2 weeks before they remove the pin in her hand that is holding her broken bone together.

Off to work I go...

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