Nutritional Adjustment...

I'm most of the way through Matt Fitzgerald's excellent book Racing Weight.


The obvious thing I have discovered in reading his book will involve a major adustment for me to the amount of carbs I get on a daily basis to fuel quality training on the bike.  The structured training plan I am undertaking is simply more hours than I have done before and getting fueled properly needs tweaking.  This might address what I highlighted in yesterday's post about why I really didn't think my FTP test was going to show much change from January 6th...

#2 - My nutrition during the first 6 weeks of the base period has been focused on dropping weight and getting leaner in the mid-section while weight lifting to tone up the rest of the body. 

The suggested amount of carbs in grams I need to eat per day to support the amount of cardio work I am doing on the bike is a lot more than I have been eating the past 6 weeks.  The book suggests for the amount of hours I am doing to shoot for 3.25g - 3.75g per pound of intended "race weight" each day to fuel my workouts.  Less on days where I am not doing cardio (the weight lifting days).  I have been short on the carb intake, but will experiment with adjusting the balance and still keeping my daily caloric intake at a slight deficit to reach my weight goals.

It's a fascinating book and in spite of doing many things right nutrition wise, I have plenty of room for improvement that I will be tweaking going forward.  I actually started that process yesterday.

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