February Training Week 1...

This first work week in February seems to be flying by as I have been busy, and having great fun at work with doing what I do.  My training plan has me in the 2nd consecutive week of a hard week, yet I feel my recovery and nutrition has me on schedule a bit better and not exhausted this week like I have felt in the past.  My morning resting heartrate confirms that and I feel energetic.  I did feel a slight end of the day slump after work last night as I sat in the barber's chair getting a haircut.  Either that, or the constant chatter of the gal cutting my hair simply lulled me into a trance.  :-)  I also had spent a good hour cleaning the driveway and walks in the morning before going to work, so I can't forget how much extra energy that zaps from my daily routine.  Temperatures in the single digits and with it being -8 this morning (plus windchill) burns a few calories out on the dog walks!!! 

Tonight's L4 intervals (5 x 6 minutes) will be the true test to see if I can knock them out with the short 2 minute recovery slots between them.  I have struggled on the prior Thursday sessions that were 4 x 6.  The last interval on both occasions was way too difficult for what it should be.  I have been trying to figure it out as something sure seemed off during the 3rd and especially 4th intervals.  Tonight, I will do them with better nutrition as adding that 5th interval ups the ante.  The last two Thursday sessions were done after not eating for 5 hours (today I must have a snack between lunch and my pre-dinner workout session) as well as keeping both fans blowing on me and drinking a mix in my water bottle that includes some HEED for the 90 minute session so I don't run out of my glycogen stores.  It's possible that was my problem on the prior Thursday sessions, or something else - so we shall see tonight...  

Toss into the mix of it being my turn as over-functioner with cooking/cleaning while Tara's arm is healing in the cast - and well, there is not much time to spare.  In fact, she and I were up late last night filling out insurance workman's comp forms for her accident.  I hate forms that ask you a question or want a full address and the space they provide for you to write it in is about 1/3 the size that it really needs to be to input the information!!!!  Who makes these dang forms?!

I will manage to watch the opening of the Olympics tonight.  Luckily we have leftovers from my pork butt, beans and veggie crockpot dish I made yesterday - so cooking will simply involve reheating that dish and making a side salad tonight.  Easy and quick for me!

Training Week Thus Far...

Monday:  60 minutes of lower leg work with weights
Tuesday:  60 minutes of a L2 Ride on the trainer
Wednesday:  60 minutes of upper body work with weights/30 minutes recovery spin

The rest of the training week wraps up with a big L2 ride on Saturday and a 3 hour L2/3 ride on Sunday to take me over the edge training wise.  That leads into next week being a rest and recovery week which will culminate with another FTP test on Saturday.

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