Training & RAGBRAI 2014 announced: Oh Sweetie Pie.....sweet spot training!!

Tis the season for eating sweet potatoes (I need the carbs for the long weekend duration rides!!!) and working in the glorious minutes of sweet spot training. 

I've already had some sessions each week in this 2014 base phase.  This week I was scheduled to avoid it due to the week being a recovery week which I sorely - and I do mean sorely needed.  However, the sweet spot session appears again this coming week as time spent in the sweet spot continues to be introduced weekly via intervals with the eventual goal of building time spent in the sweet spot as I move closer to the racing season.  In fact, that build goes up to 30 minutes spent in the SS week after next.  Such an effort usually exudes this sort of a face during training...


What is sweet spot training?  Some good thoughts on what Sweet Spot Training is can be found here

Running the calculations of 83-97% of my FTP - and based on my last FTP test - works out to targeting the watts produced range of being between 233 - 273 for the SST (Sweet Spot Training).

Oy!  All this terminology!!!

Saturday morning I interviewed scholarship candidates at Simpson all morning as we had about 50 top candidates on campus that had to write an essay and then be interviewed.  These were top ACT/SAT scoring students, top class rank, top GPA's, etc... .  My group interviewed 5 of the 50 and I really enjoyed meeting these students.   After the luncheon, I came home and put in 90 minutes on the trainer in Zone 2.

Tara is recovering well and after spending Thursday evening and all day Friday in bed, wondered if I could take her to the mall for some walking on Saturday late afternoon, a dinner, and a movie.  So we walked around for about 45 minutes in the mall, had our skinnylicious meals at the Cheesecake Factory, then saw The Wolf of Wall Street.  All in all a nice day.

We got home and saw the RAGBRAI announcement for this year's route.  It is the 3rd shortest on record and the 2nd flattest on record.  That will certainly make for an easy week (just as last year was).  We are excited because it rides across the northern section of Iowa which is an area we have not really explored that much.  And with Zack riding with us this year, what a treat to ride through Mason City - home of The Music Man!!!

We'll be riding with TEAM Simpson again this year.  50 have signed up to ride the full week on the team and there will be some that join us for a partial week as well.  We had such a great time last year with the group which made it so relaxing, we look forward to this year as well.

Here's the route...


Looks like a really fun week is in store for everyone!!!

Today will be a little more mundane around the house, but I am going to smoke something for dinner to take advantage of temps in the 40's.  I will also do a 2 hour Zone 2 ride to end my recovery week.

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