TGIF - Freitag ist hier...

Jawohl!!  Heute ist Freitag....

It seemed like a long and busy week this week with Doctor appointments, work, and doing things around the house.  I am actually sort of surprised it is Friday, yet happy it is here as the work week winds down this evening and morphs into the weekend.

I am happy to report that Tara had a successful surgery yesterday in West Des Moines.  The surgeon was able to put her bone back together using only one pin and was pleased with the outcome of how it all lined up.  I took Tara to the surgery so she could check in at 12:15 PM.  How many documents must one sign these days for a medical procedure?!!?  Oy!  I lost count after the first 4 or 5 things.  And she had to sign all of them with her left hand which made for a slow and tedious process - not to mention an illegible signature.   Too funny.

She got out of surgery about 3 PM and they called me back from the waiting room to her recovery station.  Needless to say, she was pretty loopy from the IV happy juice and kept calling me Dad and asking the same questions with one eye open and one still drooped shut.  She claimed she had walked there to the recovery room by herself and was doing fine.  LOL!!!

That all subsided as she came to and the drugs started to wear off enough she could open her eyes, smile, recognize me, and figure out where she was...

After about an hour in recovery, she was able to get dressed and we were on our way home.  We got home around 5 PM and now the healing process begins.

She will be in the soft pink cast until next Friday when they take it off and put on a hard cast that she will wear for 5 or 6 weeks more.  The pin gets pulled out after a month.  The pink cast is too large to fit through any of her sleeves, so we are going to make some impromptu stuff out of either mine or Zack's clothing (flannel shirt, sweater, coat, etc...) so she can stay warm.

Work, Bikes, and Health Stuff

I did manage to spend a little time doing some work in the waiting room, and of course - surf the internet.  I reviewed 9 proposals for 2015 International May Term classes, organized make-up lessons for what I had to miss by taking Tara to her surgery, wrote 2 recommendation letters, and did some email replies that had been collecting dust in my inbox.

I had posted back on December 17th my Giddy for Gadgets (and participated on some message boards) about my excitement for a possible Working Man's Solution for a 1 x 10 drivetrain that included a 42T cog in the rear.  I ran across an article yesterday at Bike Magazine called The SRAM XX1 Hack here that pretty much shares the same excitement.   Hmmmm.....computer terminology has now invaded a workaround solution.  ;-)   They're going to have a full review of this "hack" in the upcoming issue of Bike Magazine which should be interesting to read.

Although the costs would be variable based on what shifter/cassette/rear derailleur one gets, my low end budget of buying it all new online seems like a reasonable entry point if the reviews of this system are good.

Here's what it would cost me for this Gadget conversion...

$100 for the OneUp (free shipping)
$32 for the X7 10 speed trigger (free shipping)
$69 for the X7 10 speed type 2 (free shipping)
$28 for a 10 speed SRAM chain (free shipping)
$47 for a SRAM compatible 10 speed 11-36 cassette (free shipping)
$276 grand total

Now that's not bad - especially considering the kit to convert to SRAM's XX1 or X01 for a 1 x 11 set one back for $1300 and $1000 respectively!!!

Now that I've been through the Movember exercise and followed up with Men's Health by having a complete check of all systems, I am pretty happy with the results.  Clean bill of health on my first ever colonoscopy, my heart check up was good, my good cholesterol numbers rose 4 points from a year ago, my weight is down 4 or 5 pounds from my usual weight at this time of year, and all in all I am still functioning fine with a little diagnosis of some arthritis thrown in to keep it all real.

I guess this would be a good summary I need to grasp...


Bon Weekend to all.

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