Slowly, but surely, my week of recovery is working its magic!!!

The leg weights on Monday were trying.  Tuesday's 60 minute recovery spin was tolerated, though trying.  Wednesday, after a great night's sleep, I felt very energetic and the upper body weights were completed with no issues.  I did, however, avoid walking the dogs after work as it was only about 4 degrees with a 23 mph wind making it a bit too frosty and frigid for me.  Another great night's sleep was had last night which brings me to today's scheduled 60 minute ride.  It's a simple low zone ride with some force spin ups mixed in which I feel like I will be easily able to do.  I've been eating smart to aid in my recovery and should end the recovery week in good shape for the next training block.

In a very timely fashion, this was posted on Facebook today about the importance of recovery by LW Coaching.

Tara has surgery today on her right hand to put a pin in the bone.  I will be taking her for the surgery and bringing her home where she can finally begin her post-op recovery period. 

Speaking of recovery, Tara will finally be able to go into her 6 week recovery after the surgery.  Wearing the cast up to this point waiting for the surgery has done nothing towards that goal and doesn't count for the upcoming 6 weeks she will need to be in it.   

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