New Torture Machine in the basement...

I am happy to report that I survived the two days of a clear liquid diet leading up to the scheduled routine colon check.  The procedure went fine and nothing abnormal was found.  Based on family history on my biological side, the doctor suggested I have to have this test performed once every 5 years as opposed to once every 10 years.  So I should become pretty familiar with it over time.  I have one more annual test to go (heart) which is scheduled for January 21st to finish my Movember committment to a total men's health check.  I've already submitted the blood work and received a report back from my heart specialist, so now just need to hit the treadmill and meet with the doctor to review everything after the annual EKG and treadmill test.

LeMond Torture Machine 

I had taken my 10 year old LifeCycle Fitness C7i bike in for a trade in December.  Here's the C7i sitting in the middle of our basement gym...


I thought I was going to get a higher end bells and whistles machine, but came to my senses with regard to price and budget.  So, yesterday, I went in to talk to the store manager and ended up getting a heavily discounted floor model demo along with their sale price, and trade in value of my C7i.  It's a step or two up from the C7i in terms of having a power meter that I can download my workouts (or upload a workout) with a USB stick to the computer and into Training Peaks or WKO+.  It is much more adjustable in terms of seat position, bar height, fore/aft of bars and seat than the C7i which had a fixed handlebar position.  And it has an aero bar position which I really like.


I traded for the LeMond upright bike because it has a bit newer console than our recumbent version of the LeMond.  It has a very smooth pedal stroke compared to the old C7i and with the adjustability improvement, should be good to go for the next few years.  Maybe not as high end as what is out there, but good enough to get the job done for me.

I took a 60 minute spin on it yesterday to see how it all worked while watching the Seahawks beat up on the Saints.  I kept trying to dial in my position, and I think by the end had settled into a fit that was feeling pretty good.  More experimentation to go and some measurements from my road bike to dial it in even closer.  Overall, it's a nice step up from the C7i that I am pleased with - especially for the price.

Bike Iowa Team Party

I jumped off the LeMond, showered and headed to Mullets with Tara for the annual BikeIowa.comTeam Party.  We all had a good time visiting, eating, drinking and the usual Tom Foolery.

The business section of the meeting found four of us grey haired men talking about mountain bike events for 2014 that Bike Iowa will sponsor.   Kyle Sedore, Paul Varnum, Rob Versteegh, and moi talking shop...


Professsional photographer and team member, Chris Maharry managed to instruct the waitress on how to use his high powered camera to take a shot of the Bike Iowa Team with all of our significant others...


After about 4 hours of hanging out, Tara drove us safely home.  Not much on tap for today except football, and the Golden Globes tonight.  Even though it is 48 degrees outside today (how's that for a turnaround from earlier in the week!!!!!?????), I'll be riding in the basement while watching football.

2nd Semester starts on Tuesday, so winter vacation is just about over for me. 

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