Legging it through lethargy...

This is the third week of my base training plan.  Thankfully, it is a recovery week which my legs are all joyous about having.  In fact - they are ecstatic about it!!! 

The 2 x 20 major lifts - even though I feel like I am using pretty light weights by my standards - are leaving them pretty gassed.  On top of that, the interval sessions and maintaining my power zones were quite trying last week.  I made my numbers, but it was a fight coming off of a cold and combining being at work again.  Nothing like 11.5 hours one week, followed by 12 the next to leave the leg tank feeling rather drained.  That's a lot of training stress for me and I may have been off a bit on the recovery rides by not adhering to riding as easy as I should have been riding.  That I will watch in the coming weeks to back way off on the days that call for it.  It should be no surprise to me that I broke out with some cold sores as a result of all the training stress.  That's a bit of a classic telltale sign I had pushed my body to its limits!!!!

Yesterday called for a simple 1 hour recovery ride in heart rate zone 1.  I left work about 6:15, stopped at the store to get the evening's dinner to cook and headed home.  I was almost considering bagging the evening's 1 hour ride as I drove home and contemplated how I felt.  I did not sleep well, and I had an 8:15 annual heart exam which I was nearly an hour late to due to the traffic going less than 5 mph with the ice covered roads.  I called to inform them as I was stuck in traffic and they told me not to worry, even the doctors and staff were all an hour late because of the weather.  It all added to a busy day.  I even lollygagged around the house once I got home taking on other tasks before committing to suiting up for the basement ride.  I decided to leg it out in spite of my lethargic feelings, lack of sleep and coming off a long, busy day.

I can relate to this woman!!!  It's about what I looked and felt like on the bike yesterday at times...


Thank goodness for a good episode of NCIS to keep me entertained.  It took about 45 minutes for my legs to finally be filled with enough exercise endorphins to come out on the opposite end of lethargy and feel good about the hour.  After a lousy night's sleep on Monday night (woke up at 3 AM to let the barking dogs out for a nature call and couldn't get back to sleep), I got in a full 9 hours of sleep last night and feel a bit better today because of it - at least at this point.  We'll see how I feel by 7 PM tonight!  The rest of the week is all lower intensity, low zone range stuff - so I should exit the week feeling pretty good if history is my guide.

It's not like I don't have plenty of energy spend to do outside of the base training plan to occupy myself with including my heart check yesterday (treadmill test), Tara's surgery tomorrow, a committee meeting after work tomorrow, a voice class today, preparing some things for the semester abroad program, work to do in the office, a weekend full of events, and me trying to do as much of the cooking and cleaning as possible here at home while Tara is incapacitated.  By the end of the week, I should know if the balance is right or if I need to make some adjustments.

Here's to my legging it through the lethargy this week in hopes the recovery week works its usual magic by next Monday.

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