L4 Intervals trying at best...

Wow, what a way to jump into the 2014 training!!!

I came home from skiing with legs that were worked pretty well on the slopes.  Then started out the 2014 base training with adaptation weights (2 x 20's) on Monday.  Tuesday had me conduct a 90 minute session that included my 20 minute FTP test.  Wednesday was a follow up with another weight adaptation series of 2 x 20's with squats, dead lifts, bench press, hamstring curls, etc... to work the muscles I didn't work in Monday's session.  Thursday had me interject a required day of clear liquid diet only which left me a bit calorie deficient and on a major sugar high from jello, hard candies, fruit juice, Gatorade, and chicken broth.  None of that is very high caloric stuff, so even though I tried, I barely was at 995 calories consumed for the day going into the afternoon's workout.  For a guy my size, that is not many calories to fuel a high intensity workout that late in the day.

On tap for Thursday was an hour session that included 3 x 6 minute Level 4 intervals!!!!  Piece of cake right.  Not so easy with cooked legs from the weights, FTP test, and on a sugar high, minimal calorie liquid diet in preparation for today's colonoscopy!!!!

I waited until 4 PM to attempt it and thought better of even doing it considering my condition and head cold, but I didn't want to miss the workout to stay on task.  I was drinking a lot of water and liquids to help get me through it.  After warming up for 15 minutes where the legs felt like it would be a bit of a struggle compared to normal, the first interval I powered along to a cadence of 77 rpm's to push a nice mountain bike power climb pace and it went well, but was trying work in my condition.  I recovered for a few extra minutes than needed to make sure I was ready for the 2nd interval.  This one was a higher cadence 90 - 95 rpms and thanks to the sugar high and effort, I was a bit light headed.  Thought about bagging the 3rd interval, or breaking it up into 2 x 3 or something during my recovery phase.  But I hit it again and used mind over matter to complete the 6 minute interval just fine.  Whew!!!  Not so easy without any protein consumed in 12 hours and the struggle, but no matter - it's all in the bag now.

Following the workout, I drank my box of chicken stock, Gatorade, ate a banana flavored popsicle, sucked on some hard candy, and then waited a bit before I drank the required Suprep cleanse bottle number one...


I was to drink two 16 ounces of water within an hour of drinking the 16 ounces of Suprep cleanse solution (tasted a bit like cough syrup to me as I was gulping it down).  By the end of the hour, my stomach was quite distended from all of the liquids and....well.....a few minutes later the cleanse process began in earnest.  By 8 PM I was exhausted and fell asleep for an hour in bed.  Then I awoke for 2 more rounds of what the solution is designed to do before falling asleep again at 10:15 PM.  I was up at 5 AM for another round with the stomach and innards churning and waking me up to get to the bathroom.

Obviously, it's working for sure!!!   4 pounds lighter this AM than yesterday!!!   I am drinking liquids this morning that includes Gatorade, water, coffee, white grape juice, and am about to have some more soup stock to fight dehydration as best I can before I build up my nerves to drink bottle number two of the Suprep cleanse solution to begin my final preparations for this afternoon's procedure.  I am supposed to be done drinking anything 2 hours before check in at 1:40 PM.  Alexa will drive me there and back.  

Am I looking forward to eating some protein and solid food tonight after it's all over?  And watching the Richard Tucker Gala on television?

You bet!!!!

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