Knocking out the L2 rides...fueled by white chili!

Coming off the recovery week - which seemingly worked - my legs were itching to go on the bike come Tuesday.  Monday was a lower body weight training session.  Monday was also a cooking day and found me taking one of these...


...and using it as the secret ingredient in a huge batch of white chili to provide our nourishement for Monday and Tuesday.  I narrowed down my choice of recipe to the Pioneer Woman's excellent gathering of goods and experience for making this dish found and detailed here

She allowed me to serve up a batch of goodness...


Photo courtesy of Pioneer Woman

Yummy stuff with the beans I soaked overnight, cumin, a fresh jalapeno, my smoked chicken, fresh cilantro, and everything listed in the recipe.  This provided excellent fuel for Monday and Tuesday and paired well with the winter weather to boot.

Back to my itching legs...

A full day of work had me pull into the garage about 6:30 PM.  As I entered the house, I found Zack and Jenna chowing down on my chili and received words of praise for it from both.  I had miles to go before my eating of a bowl of white goodness, so I jumped into my exercise kit and headed downstairs to the LeMond bike. 

On tap was a Zone 2 ride of 90 minutes.  Seems like this ride is turning out to happen on Tuesday's during NCIS which keeps me entertained as the pedals tick over and the fans blow on me to keep cool.  I have to admit, I felt a lot better this week than last week when I could barely knock this ride out coming off of a heavy training week.  I guess that was good as it signified the recovery week had worked its magic and my body had caught up with the training.  Good thing, too, since the duration had increased to 90 minutes for this week.  Don't be fooled, a lot of Zone 2 training stress can add up and be trying at times while doing it. 

I did feel a nice sense of accomplishment as I finished the 90 minutes and thoughts of chili took over as I uploaded my workout to Training Peaks...


Once completed, I headed back upstairs for a big bowl of the white chili, a glass of wine, and to watch the President's State of the Union speech.  A little kitchen clean up after that and a hunt for an envelope that contained the bill for registration renewal on the cars that Tara and Alexa drive ended the evening before an 8 hour nap.

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