Happy New Year 2014!!!!

It's here!  It has arrived!  Happy New Year to one and all.

Tara, Alexa, and I flew out to Denver on New Year's Eve.


As soon as we landed in Denver, we caught the Colorado Mountain Express to Vail.  We had a fun time in the shuttle as there were 9 of us heading to Vail and the driver stopped about 1/2 through the 2+ hour drive at a Starbucks for all of us to get some java (which came in handy for staying up late on New Year's Eve).


We went with Virginia and Nix to a party at a hotel with dancing, food, drinks and stayed there until about 1 AM and finally hit the sack around 2 AM.

Everyone was a bit groggy this morning, but we headed to the slopes for day one of our skiing.  Virginia fell and popped something in her knee on the first or second run of the day.  She decided to call it quits and go back to the house.  Tara, Alexa and I skied together all day.  It was snowing pretty hard which meant most of the mountain was fresh snow and powder which helped us work up an appetite.

At lunch I inhaled a salad, waffle fries and smoked brisket sandwhich at the 2 Mile High Smoke House on top of the mountain....


It was cold way up top with lots of wind and snow, but the gondola kept us warm on the rides up.   Tara all bundled up...


Alexa staying in touch with social media on the lift...


We actually skied all the way until the last lift of the day to take Chair #3 up to the top which allowed us to get back over to the other side of the mountain where we are staying.  We were pretty tuckered out from day one by 4:30 PM when we stopped for the day...


The forecast is calling for sunshine the next two days for Vail skiing, so it will be nearly 10 degrees warmer and should be a lot of fun out in the sunshine.

Now, it's time for a nap...

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