Saturday and Sunday called for a total of 4 1/2 - 5 hours of weekend training on the bike, but I didn't quite make those numbers as I didn't have the LeMond set up in time to get more than an hour in on Saturday.  Saturday was supposed to be an hour of technical riding and then some general Zone 2 riding, so I guess riding my bike for the two dog walks through the snow and ice will have to count for low impact, easy does it technical skill development. 

I got 2 1/2 hours in on Sunday doing the prescribed workout that inluded 2 x 10 minute hill climbs at a low 50-60 rpm Zone 3 level force, after a 30 minute warm up and then ended the session with an hour spinning in Zone 2 of which the final 15 minutes started to feel like "junk miles" which I should have bagged, but I finished it out.  All while watching football of course!!!  My backside is chapped from that session as I haven't been on a bike that long for a while due to the off season.   Combine that with all the sweating one does riding indoors (even with the fans blowing on me at full tilt).  I did find that the heart rate monitor was not reading right on the other machine during my FTP test, so here are the adjusted heart rate zones based on what the new heart rate monitor is reading (and certainly matches numbers from prior years more accurately).  I updated my previous post on this blog as well with the new chart.

Zone Calculator Update #1

I'll know for sure when I conduct the next FTP test in mid-February, but should get a pretty good indication at my heart check up on the treadmill test next week where I always beg the nurses to take me up to competitive levels for racing to get a good readout for the doctor to evaluate.  They always want to stop me before I get into the 170's and I always tell them don't stop me until I get into the 170's.  

Speaking of football.....

Yes, all is well in the football world - for me at least - as the top 4 teams going into the season all advanced to the final 4 on this side of the season.  That's very nice indeed!  San Francisco and Denver being the two this household are rooting for, but who knows at this point?  It's going to be a treat of a weekend coming up for the two games.

Today is off the bike (outside of the dog walks which act as recovery) and is an hour weight lifting session after work of 2 x 20's to build up an appetite for dinner. 

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