Broken 5th metacarpal! Ouch for Tara!!!!

"One day at a time, sweet Jesus." - Patsy Cline

The day started off fine.  Eggs and coffee for breakfast.  Walked the dogs.  Shaved and showered.  Went to work for the morning lessons.  Had lunch.  Faculty meeting.  Went back to work for the afternoon lessons.  3 PM my cell phone rang in the office...

It was Tara so I answered as I was between lessons.  She was in the urgent care center here in town.  She had fallen on the ice in the parking lot at work and smacked her hand.  Could I come and get her?  I said I would be there after the lesson was over in about 35 minutes.  I got a call as I was driving with the news of the diagnosis:  broken hand.

During the fall, she had hit her hand on the car door so hard as she fell to the ground, it broke a bone.  This is not her x-ray (4th metacarpal is broken it his example photo), but hers looks very similar with the 5th metacarpal break on her right hand...


Her break is a bit more angular and is going to require surgery and pins to get it back together.  Ouch!!!

At Walgreen's waiting for the Vicodin prescription to be filled...


Later on in the evening after some Vicodin and a little bit to eat she was feeling better...


After surgery next week (we see the hand specialist Friday morning), what can she do with her right hand in a cast for 6 weeks?


C'est la vie!!  I told her she's lucky it wasn't worse and I'll take care of her.  We'll see how she likes the way I do her hair every morning!!!  Look out Elvis, I'll be using some hair product and sweeping that do straight back in a quick blow and dry routine.  ;-)

Somber day indeed continued...

Condolences go out to our dear friend Gayla Tighe who lost her mother this morning.  Services will be in Clarinda, but we haven't heard when yet.

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alex21 said...

It seems that you broke your arm very bad.Has your arm tottaly healed?Hope you feel better and dont have any pain.