2014 Training Year Starts Today!!!

Due to our excellent ski vacation to Vail, the 2014 training year officially was delayed until today.

Weigh in for the start of the 2014 training year this morning:  183.4 pounds 

Hmmmm......I must have burned a lot of calories skiing because I know I sure did eat a lot.  I also caught a cold - or at least I came down with one while on the trip.  It hit me the hardest on our travel day back to Iowa.  Nothing like flying in a plane with a stuffed up nose and plugged ears!!!

I felt better yesterday and am pleased I have not yet had to take anything outside of using a nasal saline spray and my Neti Pot.  I did a 70 minute recovery Zone 1 ride on the LeMond recumbent trainer yesterday while watching NFL playoffs in the basement.  I wanted to shake out the ski legs and sweat out some of this cold.  Tara made a nice pasta with salmon for dinner and I took a pretty small portion since I snacked all day long.  Regardless, that weigh in is the lightest I have begun the new year since living in Iowa.  That is in part due to eating wisely during the holidays and continuing to get my hours in during December.

I will once again be following the structured training plans I used last year.  The first is a 12 week base period that begins today with some weight lifting, and a FTP test tomorrow.  After the 12 week base period, I will roll into a 12 week build, peak, and race structured plan.  Both plans are geared for the Masters Athlete (old guy like me!!!). 

The polar vortex that happens about once a decade in terms of coming this far south and this broad, has temperatures around -11 or -12 this morning with winds of 18 to 19 mph.  That has created a windchill that begs for one to dress wisely when going out in the elements.  I spent about 45 minutes this morning walking the dogs, taking out the garbage, getting the mail and shoveling the driveway and sidewalks.  I wore my base layer...


...my snow pants and parka, a balaclava, hat, my hiking boots, and of course - my favorite GoreTex mittens made by Gordini...


I was very comfortable and perspiring with all of the gear which made the cold temperature and windchill very bearable thanks to my only exposed skin being between my nose and eyebrows.  In spite of the gear I have and ability to face the elements, most schools are shut down today as all students don't own such gear and or wear it even if they did own it.  But for those that do have gear and dress wisely, the day can continue as normal.  

We are heading to the Mall today for some shopping since Tara's work was canceled.  I wonder with all of the closures for schools if the Mall will be crowded or quiet.  I guess we will find out...

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