Winter is here!!!

Saturday is the shortest day of the year.  Or better known as Winter Solstice 2013.  It kicks off the season known as winter officially - even though it seems like winter had already arrived a few weeks early this year.  Well, now it is officially here.  We were awakened today to a covering on the ground and cars that seemed like a big glazed doughnut was outside thanks to the ice that covered everything.  The dog walks were fun today because of that and not only the dogs, but I too felt like I needed ice skates.

Speaking of ice skating, Tara and Alexa are in California for Christmas.  Here's a shot of Tara that she sent me today standing next to the outdoor rink in Walnut Creek, CA (where we used to live and where Tara grew up).  Her sister is in the background in the middle of the rink teaching skating...


She flew out on Wednesday from Des Moines and Alexa flew out on Thursday from Kansas City.  I played chaffeur for the 2 on Wednesday and Thursday and logged in a trip to Iowa City and back on Wednesday and Kansas City and back on Thursday.

I snapped this shot of Alexa getting ready to enter her gate at the KC airport after we hit up the Starbucks...

KC Airport

My father arrived for the holidays this evening after his flight was delayed for 4 hours in Denver (not weather related).  Between Zack, myself, and my Dad - we had our first bachelor's evening tonight sitting around the kitchen table eating my pot roast and trimmings.  Tomorrow is Dad's birthday, so we'll celebrate his 87th somewhere besides my cooking!!!!

In spite of my lower back nagging me a bit today, I managed to get in 70 minutes of training after yesterday's hour on the bike.  I downloaded the free app MyFitnessPal for my iPhone to track my daily intake of food and exercise to keep track of what and how much goes in every day to get an idea of my habits so I can tweak a few things.  The iPhone reads the bar code of any product/packaged food that I eat to make things easy.  All the rest I look up easily online and type in the information for my portion size and the calories.   I was shocked at the amount of sodium in the can of Clam Chowder I had for lunch.  Wow!  Time to stop buying that canned soup.  I think even the low sodium version would be way too high as well.

To make Winter Solstice 2013 appropriate, there will be snow arriving on Saturday which will sit on top of the ice we have.  Luckily, the new Winterforce tires from Firestone are champs out there in the conditions.

Enjoy your shortest day of the year!!!

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