Giddy for Gadgets!!!

Oh boy, it's dangerous when I have time to read and scour the internet for stuff.

You know, stuff you don't really absolutely need, but has been in the back of your mind for a while.

During Tara's first ride on her holiday gift CycleOps Fluid trainer, it was apparent that laying her cellphone on the floor to use as a timer is not going to work since the screen goes dark and you have to get off the bike to use the phone.  So I told her I would get a holder that she could use to mount it on the bike.  I checked with the US Cellular store here in town and at Wal-Mart - no Galaxy S4 bike mounts.  I called Rassy's up in Des Moines and Sterling told me they had a universal holder.  So I went online and combed the net to come up with this cool Batman style slickness..


It's called Rokform and the mount is really slick as it installs in the stem cap bolt, and the phone frame holder (you buy the specific phone holder for whatever brand you use) has a magnet on the back, a lanyard to go around the stem in case the phone drops, and a locking clip.

Bike Mount from Rokform

Nice video review of the product here...

And real world trail use here...

So I certainly got Giddy for Gadgets over this product.  I showed the videos to Tara with great zeal only to be met with her repsonse of "Please.  Do I really need that?".  Ok.  Well, it's out there and since there is also a car mount - I'm going to surprise her with a gift (anniversary is coming) and be content that at least I've geeked out and found a cool solution for her cycling and phone.  She'll thank me later - or so I hope.

Then I stumbled on MTBR.com's excellent article review of the newest 42T cog to convert a 10 speed mountain bike drivetrain to a cost-efficient 1 x 10 system with a 11-42T rear cassette range.  The article is here.  It's called the OneUp and sells for $100 with free shipping.

This giddy gadget comes in lime green or black...



After you jack out the 17T ring and follow the instructions of converting a 11-36T Shimano or SRAM cassette, you end up with this sweetie pie...


I ran the cost estimate after scouring eBay of what components I could get for my RIP 9 on eBay that include free shipping to take it from 1 x 9 34T with 11-34 cassette to a 1 x 10 34T with 11-42T cassette to increase my gearing range for climbs and eliminate some of the grunt climbs.

Here's what it would cost me for this Gadget conversion...

$100 for the OneUp (free shipping)
$32 for the X7 10 speed trigger (free shipping)
$69 for the X7 10 speed type 2 (free shipping)
$28 for a 10 speed SRAM chain (free shipping)
$47 for a SRAM compatible 10 speed 11-36 cassette (free shipping)
$276 grand total

Now that's not bad - especially considering the kit to convert to SRAM's XX1 or X01 for a 1 x 11 set one back for $1300 and $1000 respectively!!!

My package find may just be the Working Man's solution.

I think I'll stay off of the internet today because who knows what other gadgets I find that will make me giddy!!!!

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