SRAM - Twist This!!!

I have a pair of 9 speed SRAM X.0 Twist shifters that I bought in 2003.  Yup, these are the original X.0's and I am proud to say I have been twisting this pair for 11 seasons.  I lost one of the gear indicator windows two years or so ago, but twisted on without the window.  The rubber has pretty much "melted" and reshaped itself into a sticky, goo like mess that finally reached a point of no return this summer/fall.

Here's what they look like right now...


The usual ridges and shaped contours of the X.0 twist grip are long gone and the rubber has broken down into a petroleum product mess.  I researched getting replacement rubbers for the shifters and yes, they can be found.  But at what price?  Hmmm....even on sale they run high compared to alternatives.

XO grip

It would be about $31 plus shipping for new grips, and the window replacement for the one I lost would be another few bucks plus shipping.  Even though they still work great, I quickly realized that the cost of getting them up to snuff again seemed more expensive than what used pairs were selling for on eBay or a new pair of 9 speed X7's I found on eBay.  Before I committed to an eBay purchase, I put up a WTB (wanted to buy) post on Facebook at the Midwest VeloSwap page and got 2 used pair offers.  One of the offers was from my fellow BikeIowa.com Team Member Kurt Benson who lives in Des Moines and he had a pair of X.0 9 speed shifters in great shape.  How convenient?  We messaged back and forth and settled on a price of $35 for his pair.  Perfect.

I made the cash for Twist Grip exchange at the DirtyDu earlier in the month.  Kurt's pair is a generation or two newer version of the X.0 twist shift than mine - so this was a nice upgrade for me.  I finally got around to installing them during this Thanksgiving break and am back to enjoyable twisting without a handful of petroleum mess getting all over my gloves or fingers.  While I was at it, I took off the Bontrager foam grips (weight weenie delights) and went with a new pair of my favorite Avenir Palm Pillow Grips that I run on my other bikes...


Notice the carnage of the old rubber twist portion compared to the newer one!!!  These SRAM Twisters are so easy to install, that right out of the box I had the front and rear derailleurs working perfectly without any need to adjust anything.  It was about as painless of an install as it can get.  I hope to get another 11 seasons out of this new to me version that Kurt sold me.  Too bad my old ones still work and the cost of "fixing" them is so high.  I really hate to toss out things that work, but for the moment they are in my parts bin bucket.  Who knows?  Maybe someday I will happen on a deal for replacement rubbers that make it worthwhile to fix them.

Black Friday is over and I have to say as a family, we did some damage today while turned loose at the mall for 6 hours!!!  We picked up some things on sale for 40-50% off and I got a new pair of winter cycling pants made by Pearl Izumi.  Zack and I almost upgraded to iPhones, but the computer system was down at US Cellular so we will have to go back as the deal we were about to strike is good until December 12th.  It seems like we have accrued enough points to get a phone for free - so that's good news.  We'll be back...

We finally wore ourselves out from fighting the crowds and came home mid afternoon.  I headed out for a 90 minute ride on the Roubaix that included some singletrack at Banner Pits.  I have to say, it's pretty fun to blast through singletrack with handlebars that are only 440mm wide without any issues whatsoever.  Who needs 700mm wide bars?  Please.  The dirt is in perfect condition and things should be golden on Sunday morning for our Bacon Ride.  I had my  NiteRider lights mounted on the bike and needed them for the final 20 minutes of the ride as the sun went down.

Leftover Thanksgiving eats were enjoyed by all and now it is time to wind down with a Friday night movie...

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