I've joined fellow Movember team member Dave Camwell in championing Men's Health and representing the Simpson College Music Department.  Team Name:  Ban(ne)d Across America.  What about Men's Health?  Well, in particular the funds are being raised to target efforts to combat prostate and testicular cancer as well as mental health challenges.  Click on this link if you have any interest in making a donation to help raise funds for Men's Health.  And you can read all about the missioin known as Movember here.

Those participating in Movember grow a moustache or a "MO" as it is known during the 30 days in the month of November.  The moustache helps strike up a conversation concerning Men's Health.  Today is day 6 of Movember and my facial hair has yet to be tamed into any particular chosen moustache style, but current thought is to go with a modified version of what is known in today's society as a trucker style MO...


Look for pictures of my salt and pepper Schnurrbart once I've settled in and trimmed it to shape from the current form of simply not having shaved yet this month.  The end result is guaranteed not to be pretty, but all the better since talk of certain Men's Health issues seems to be avoided in society as not being pretty conversation. 

Or, if you feel the desire to join Movember - consider joining our team, or forming your own, or simply signing up solo - whatever MO makes you feel comfortable for you to pursue.

Upcoming and always eye-opening cost of hosting a race event post:  the final accounting records for The Mullet Fall Classic (the USAC check arrived and was deposited yesterday)

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