Is it January!!!!????

A busy cold weekend seems to be zapping me as Thanksgiving approaches.  A winter storm hit on Thursday which covered everything with nearly 1/4" of frozen rain before we got snow on top of that.  I did not have an ice scraper in my car, so when I went out to the Element after work - I had to start the engine and just sit there waiting for the heater to melt the ice off of the glaze on the windows.  That took a bit more time than I wanted, but things finally melted enough that I could see to drive home.  The roads were getting slick and I was not going out in that slop again for the evening.

Temperatures stayed cold enough on Friday to not melt much of it, but I did shovel as much of it off of the driveway and walks as I could.  And then it got really cold going into Saturday and Sunday. 


Speaking of Thanksgiving, the bird has arrived and entered the fridge...

thanksgiving turkey

Friday after work, Tara and I managed to get some exercise time in - at least 60 minutes worth - on our basement bikes due to the temperatures outside being more appropriate for January than November!!!


A quick shower and we were off to attend a Beaujolais Nouveau party at the Waugh's home.  It's the young wine made from Gamay grapes and only ferments for a few weeks before going on sale the 3rd Thursday of November.  It was a fun party with about 2 dozen of us sipping Beaujolais and eating hors d'oeuvre well into the evening.  We headed home and were in bed by 11:15 PM as we had a very busy Saturday planned.

Saturday was the day our good friends Chuck and Gayla Tighe were moving into their brand new home.  A crew of us joined forces to move everything into their new home that had been in storage in a semi-trailer and another trailer (owned by the home builder) at 9 AM on Saturday.

We picked up Gayla at 8:20 AM from their temporary apartment they had been staying in while the home was being built.


This was the first time I had seen the new house and it was beautiful.  The top floor is perfect for Gayla's needs and it also includes a dream kitchen for Chuck.  The crew arrived around 9 and we had at least a dozen or more of us unloading, carrying, lifting, unpacking, and getting their new house set up.  It was only about 12 degrees outside, so we men were bundled up in heavy coats, hats, gloves, long johns and were quickly sweating and dripping wet underneath all of that clothing.  By 1 PM, we had all of the bedrooms set up and everything moved into the house.  Most of the crew stayed to continue to unpack boxes and put things away, but Tara and I had to leave to drive to Iowa City to pick up Alexa post Michigan/Iowa football game to come home for Thanksgiving.

I was exhausted from all of the lifting, and by the time we got to Newton I was falling asleep at the wheel.  So Tara took over and I slept all the way to Iowa City.  We picked up Alexa (and her dirty clothes bag), stopped for some coffee at Starbucks and headed back to Indianola in heavy post game traffic.  It was really cold outside with temperatures in the teens and the wind was blowing about 15 mph.  We got home right around 7 PM to fix dinner.

Needless to say, I was in bed by 8:15 dozing off and on until the lights were turned out later by my loving wife. 

Today is going to be anothery busy day with an afternoon rehearsal, possibly attending a play at Simpson (how do I fit that in?!!?), prep work on some food for a smoke, and a mile long list of chores to do.  Things quiet down in the evening where I plan on plopping myself in front of the television to watch the Broncos and Patriots do battle. 

I walked the dogs early this morning with 7 degree temperatures and a sub zero windchill.  Wait a minute?  That sounds like January!!!!

The dogs love the cold, but when temperatures go sub zero - my rear hubs on all of my bikes don't like it.  I made it on the dog walk for about 18 minutes before the rear hub stopped engaging all the time due to being frozen out in the -5 windchill.  Luckily, November returns tomorrow and the week looks more favorable for temperatures in the 20's/30's and hitting the 40's by next weekend (hopefully).

Max & Zoey after shoveling

Looks like another trainer ride in the basement today if I can squeeze it in to make my minimum weekly hours.

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