Busy November Weekend with riding...

November arrived this week as did the traditional Fall Back time change as Daylight Saving Time ended.  Friday night, Tara and I went over to join 3 other couples for a pizza night.  We had plenty of wine while enjoying our made from scratch goodies:  a salmon pizza, a green tomato pizza, and a meat pizza.  Yum-Yum!  We got home sort of late from the social evening and dropped straight in bed.

I had toyed with the idea of doing one of the Spooky Cross races this weekend, but ended up laying in bed Saturday morning as it was so cold and blustery out and I was recovering from a little too much fun at the previous evening's party.  So I watched part of the Hawkeyes vs. Badgers game before hauling myself out of bed to do some chores. 

Saturday turned out to be a great day as I got the shed organized, the lawn mowed, and trimmed some of the shrubs before going on a 2 hour bike ride to enjoy the fall colors.  A quick shower and I was off to a dinner/movie date with Tara.  After dinner, we finally got a chance to see Captain Phillips.  Great movie, by the way.  Tom Hanks was riveting - especially in the latter part of the movie.

The weather forecast looked less blustery and again, I had thoughts of heading to Altoona to do the Spooky Cross race, but I totally took the bait when Matt McCutchan posted on Facebook for a Banner Pits Bacon Ride on Sunday morning.  The idea of doing a couple of laps at Banner on a nice fall day with bacon and goodies afterwards always trumps riding around a grass circle on skinny little tires - for me anyway.  The extra hour of sleep, or rather - extra hour of time to get dressed and over to Banner was nice.

I took the Dos Niner with the big Specialzed Renegade 2.3 tires aired down to around 20 psi.  It's a fun bike to ride and in someways is faster in places than my full suspension bikes.  I just have to really pay attention to get the tire pressure low enough that I get lots of cushion.

Matt was there, Andy was there, Bob was there, and Dennis Grelk had made the 2 1/2 hour drive over from southeastern Iowa.  So we all got the bikes out and our layered clothing on for the wind and pleasant, but slightly cool fall temperatures. 


Lap one was refreshingly slow and allowed for plenty of warm up, catch up, and group riding.  Lap 2 turned into full out race pace and got the heart rates up as we flew threw the leaf strewn trail.  It was hero dirt and fun was had by all.


A couple of other riders and their dogs joined us and chatted up Bob as he got one of the Coleman's fired up...


I dug my Coleman out of the back of the Element and fired it up to cook a package of uncured, nitrate free bacon in the cast iron skillet.  Bob did the same.  Andy had prepared tacos.  And Matt whipped up a batch of his special Buckwheat pancakes.

Check out the size of those Frisbees Matt made!!!


We had 7 in our group and there were 3 other riders who were out there as well, but "picnikced" on their own at the next set of tables and parking spot in the Summerset State Park.  The usual post ride chit-chat with Dennis, Bob, Matt, and Andy as we devoured the grub. 


I headed out a little after 12 noon as I had a football game to watch (KC vs. Buffalo).  I'm heading off to a Simpson College Choir concert in a few minutes and then off to Iowa City with Tara to take Alexa out for dinner.  All in all - a busy weekend.

I ended the week with 7:15 on the bike which continues my nice progression and helps with the battle of the bulge...

Week of 9/23 - 5:15 hours
Week of 9/30 - 4:25 hours
Week of 10/7 - 3:15 hours
Week of 10/14 - 6:05 hours
Week of 10/21- 6:25 hours
Week of 10/27 - 7:15 hours

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