Annual Training Hours Goal Hit!!!

Back in January of this year, I made a post setting up my annual training hours for 2013 here.  The goal for 2013 was in keeping with the suggestion I not overcook it too much, and focus on raising my hours only around 10% from the previous year.  That put me at 392 hours for 2013 which I quietly hit yesterday on a simple recovery ride before work.  No bells went off.  No whistle blew.  Nobody applauded or cheered.  I just smiled to myself when I hit the number.

That seems like a lot of time sitting on a bike whether it was training on the road, or racing in XC events.


I had, however, upped my ATP goal to around 400 hours give or take a few simply to round it out.  With 6 weeks left in 2013 for cycling (6 if you count the rest of this week and the short 1/2 week at the end of December), I certainly am going to hit 400 hours and probably 420-425 when all is said and done.  A lot will depend on weather and if the roads/bike trails will be clear for logging some base miles outside through the Holiday season.


Regardless - it feels good to have met my goal of a 10% increase on the bike over last year.  In that post linked above, I had also attempted to justify or compare the amount of time spent on a bike to other things in my life which read like this...

Compared to other things I do in my life....

I'll sleep 33% of the year.
I'll be at work at Simpson 13% of the year during the 2 semesters (non May Term years).
I'll be doing food prep, cooking, clean up 4.2% of the year.
I'll watch David Letterman 3% of the year.
I'll be walking the dogs 2% of the year.

So it doesn't seem too out of line that 4.5% will be devoted to sitting on a bike and pedaling.

And so it was (or is)...


If I make the slight adjustment for the reality of my final ATP being around 425 based on what I have planned over the next 6 weeks, then I would increase the percentage to 4.85% of my life in 2013 was devoted to sitting on a bike and pedaling.  And the 2nd mini-goal of hitting 400 hours by the end of this year will allow me to meet what I also wrote in that January post...

I am then on par with the chart on page 91 of Joe Friel's The Mountain Biker's Training Bible that says for somebody of my age with 6+ years of racing experience should be training 400 hours and above.

I will have to go back and read that chapter on the master's athlete to find out what the parameters are for the word "above" when he said training 400 hours and above.  I'm pretty sure I don't have much time in my life to add another 10% over this year without creating other stresses in my life - both in relationships and work.  I know Tara and I do want to spend more road time together as a goal in 2014.


I have yet to formulate a plan for 2014, but that will come once I have a chance to think it all through and set goals that include family, spouse, work, travel, chores and what not.  Regardless, I have now crossed the finish line for the goal and the rest of the year will be a cool down.  ;-)


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