The Mullet Fall Classic...

Final preparations are underway - both for The Mullet Fall Classic and the 2 operas I am directing at Simpson.  The set and lighting designer arrives today from NYC and will be staying with us for the next week as we finish the set construction, and light the shows.  We are into full runs of both operas every evening this week which is a good place to be as we move into our technical rehearsals and dress rehearsals for production week.  There still remains some tweaking and growth to be done, but that is all part of the process.

This weekend last year, the weather looked like this for the weekend race:

Mullet Weekend

This year, the weekend looks very similar temperature wise:

Mullet 2013 Forecast

Hopefully, the amount of rain we receive on Thursday and Friday will be absorbed and the event's route will not need to be altered on Saturday for the race.  Regardless, it is a "rain or shine" event and I remain optimistic we can pull it off as planned.

Needless to say, I am running on fumes and will come up for air on the morning of October 14th after the race weekend and opera production week are both over...

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