Seasonal Hibernation Feeding Frenzy.....!!!!!

It's fall.  I love fall.  Crisp air with bright blue skies.  The harvest.  The colors.  The crunch of leaves beneath your bike tires.  The squirrels and chipmunks scurrying about getting themselves ready for winter.  And - the food.  I love the food and eating in the fall.  And watching football and the World Series.   Ah...

Comfort food like pot roast, bread, potatoes, chili, cookies, apple crisp.  Yum, it's all been good this past week.  But maybe it has been too good.  It took me the better part of 3 months to drop from a weight of 185 to 179/180 combining exercise and diet.  How long did it take me to go back up to 185 from 180?  About a week.  Or so it seems...

That's right, if it was not nailed down (food that is), I could be found eating it the past 2 weeks.  Ideally I cut about 100 calories a day to drop weight, but this past week I was adding way more than 100 calories to my daily intake.  Chips and salsa at La Casa.  Cookies.  Ritter dark chocolate bars. A cup of chili with my lunch sandwich.  Okay - enough is enough. 

Time to rein it in!!!  My goal this coming week is to knock that off.  And to fend off this fall hibernation increase in appetite, I am slowly boosting my hours on the bike and hitting the weights.  I managed to climb back up to 6:25 this week after my dwindling hours made me sit up and take notice as the belt started to feel tighter around the waistline.

Week of 9/23 - 5:15 hours
Week of 9/30 - 4:25 hours
Week of 10/7 - 3:15 hours
Week of 10/14 - 6:05 hours
Week of 10/21- 6:25 hours

Next Sunday is the time change where it will get darker earlier in the evening.  So I will have to get my lights charged up so I can ride after work.  I also put in my first session in the basement on the C7i this past week and imagine many more of those sessions are coming due to the time change and weather preventing early morning and early evening rides.  However, I will fight to ride outside as much as I can, for as long as I can before the snow hits.

I'm really enjoying riding the Roubaix with the Continental Twister Pros.  It allows me to ride on some of the singeltrack at Banner, hit the tamer gravel here in Warren County, and not lose any pace on the pavement.  I might just leave these tires on all fall and winter to deal with the debris on the roads and paved trails.


The Twister Pros are actually officially labeled as 700 x 32c, however they only measure out at 30mm width at the knobs on my wheels.  I think that is typical for Continental tires of a decade ago to be a bit undersize.  Regardless, they provide great traction on singletrack, pavement, and grass, but could use a bit more volume to handle some of the huge gravel they dump on the Warren County gravel roads.  A simple tire swap might just turn the Roubaix into a "one bike does it all" for my typical training and fun rides around here.  Too bad they didn't have size huge last year or this year in a model that came with disc brakes.  That would have been the perfect bike for me. 

Last week of October is on tap as we slide into November this week.  Enjoy the fall weather, riding - and of course the food!!!!

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