Mullet Fall Classic Post Race...

The Mullet Fall Classic 2013 is in the books!

Final Racer Tally:  168 paid to race in the various categories, and we had our first ever kids race with 8 kids toeing the line of the Iowa Trail Bombers course.  Together, that equals 176 sitting on bikes for the day at The Mullet!!!!

Depending on how you tally it, we were 4 riders less than last year's 172, but also with the addition of the participants in the kids race - we were 4 riders more than last year.  Either way one looks at it, it's pretty much a wash.

I consider it an excellent turnout.  Especially considering the weather forecast and prior 2 days of rain might have kept some tucked in bed on Saturday.  And Morgan Cross was going on in the eastern part of the state which had 111 racers toe the line including quite a few familiar names on the Morgan Cross results list that have done The Mullet in the past.  Certainly a good day for racing in Iowa with 287 foks out racing on dirt!    

Mother nature - for how many years now? - was very, very, very kind again this year. I don't think I could have imagined better course conditions after the 48 hours of rain leading up to it.  And the sunshine made for a beautiful day of racing (no matter what season) and excellent conditions for the post race party.  Great view.  Great weather.  Great people.  Who could ask for a better way to spend a Saturday in October?

I didn't get a chance to thank everyone properly when the big crowd was there due to the wait for the results. So, here goes: A big thanks to my Indianola crew of Bob Matthews, Al Boone, Bryce Gilbert, and Ron Cooney. A huge thanks to Angie Fry Boyens for organizing the potluck. Also I want to thank Elaine LeMay Kay for T-Shirt distribution and organization. And thanks to veteran Mullet helper Nick Woolley who makes it down every year from Webster City to kick in tireless hours of physical help - all with a smile and great attitude!!! It takes a lot to pull off a big event and I really could not have done it without your help. 

And thank you to "Ed"!  Ed made a garbage bag run, and then later a charcoal run for the 150 hot dogs that arrived for the potluck.

Also, thank you so much to the Iowa Trail Bombers and their leader Stephen Schmidt for being there, providing the course marshals, tear off tag collectors, and running our first ever kids race which was great to see them going through the maze!!! We've got to get more kids races going at all of our Iowa events for sure.

And thanks to Sterling Heise and Rassmussen Bike Shop for the use of the P.A. System, and providing gift certificates for the Juniors and the Comp class (Comp winners - I forgot to give you your certificates, so look for those in the mail from me). Thanks to GU for being a sponsor and provided all the product.

Thanks to our USAC Officials, Jeff Mertz, Bruce Pesch, and Deisha Reynolds. It's not an easy task scoring an event with multiple races going on all at the same time.

Thanks to Josh Shipman, Park Manager, and his DNR staff for allowing us to use the venue. It's a lovely park and hopefully, after the clean up, we left in good shape for all park users.

A final thanks to all those who chipped in and helped with clean up, course tear down, loading, garbage patrol and an excellent effort to get the park back into shape.

I forgot to announce the winner of the Mullet award for this year. Todd Shenker took top honors for his mane.

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Iowagriz said...

Sounds like another great event, sure wish I could have made it.
Mom and Dad came into town and we only see them once or twice a year, so racing was not a possibility. It will be on my list (again) for next year.