IMBCS Series Results for 50+...

IMBCS is in the books for 2013.  There were 10 events that were all able to take place thanks to Ma Nature being agreeable this year.  I was able to race in 9 out of the 10 events this year and met some good competition along the way at all of them.

As I mentioned in my September 25th post here, I knew my name at the top of the point standings would not last long.  Sure enough, Tom Jeffreys from Nebraska toed the line at Lake Ahquabi along with James Hopson, Jerry Hoff, Andre Rethman, Brian Swain, Al Boone, Sterling Heise, and others.  I knew that Tom just needed a 6th place finish or better to win the IMBCS series to flip flop up to the top of the list.  I was fighting for 2nd place with Andre and we both had bonus points going into the race and our placing in the final race could very well determine who got 2nd and who got 3rd.

Even though I was physically "bushed" from late night opera rehearsals and getting things organized and ready for The Mullet, I toed the line with hopes of racing well.  I won it last year, but this year with the competition I simply had a goal of finishing in the top 3.  At the gun, James Hopson and Tom Jeffreys - and Andre took off like bats out of hell.  I held back knowing it was a grueling course.

I pushed it on all the hills during lap one and could see Andre up ahead of me within striking distance.  Kim West was racing in the CAT 1 50+ group and his bike frame broke during warm ups.  Luckily, he was able to borrow somebody else's spare bike and still race.  I caught up to Kim on the descent into the finish line near the end of lap 1.  Here I am following Kim while shooting the shit with him....

Following Kim

At the beginning of lap 2, I caught up with Andre Rethman and stayed on his tail for the majority of lap 2.  My strategy was to see if I could pass him in the hilly sections, but I was content to hang on his rear wheel all the way to when we descended to the finish line area and entered the final maze before the finish line.  He was going slower than I was in the turns and I decided to sprint at the end of the maze to the finish line up a short climb around the final turn.  I waited to see if he took the inside or outside track and he swung wide giving me the inside track.  I hammered the pedals and was able to get him by about 8" to a foot at the line.  Whew!

Andre had a great season and I think we were both happy to do as well as we did behind Tom who won every race he entered in the IMBCS except The Mullet which was won by James Hopson (congrats James!!!).  The winner of the series gets free entry into the 2014 IMBCS events and I was able to enjoy that this year.

Here are the final points for the IMBCS 50+ CAT 2 crowd....


I was very pleased with my training and racing this year as I had no DNF's and enjoyed the peak and races around that peak in my first ever structured training plan.  I raced in fewer events this year than last and never felt burned out during the season.  I ended the season at my target goal racing weight, but know that I could adjust that goal a tad lower for next season.

But enough about all of that.  Now it's time to simply enjoy fall rides for a month or so with no particular plan to follow.  Road rides.  Singlespeed rides.  Trail bike rides.  It will be a fun month to unwind and not worry about anything.

Except this weekend's operas.  Sister Angelica and Curlew River - directed by me.  Two must see operas that will leave a big impression on you as they are that good.

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