This won't last long...

The updated IMBCS series points for the 2013 season through race #9 were made available yesterday.  Since I know this won't last long, I figured posting it to enjoy for a few days before it changes would be the only time my name appears at the top.... ;-)

IMBCS Through#9

Andre and Tom will come out in fighting form at The Mullet.  I am sure of that.  Al Boone will be flying out there as well.  And I hope Jerry Hoff makes it over here from Norfolk.   I talked with Landon Beachy about coming over and I am going to try to get in touch with him to make it over to heat it all up.  Hopefully a few others in the 50+ group will show as well to make it a good season ender.  Whether it was Nebraska, Minnesota, or Iowa - competition in the 50+ age class has turned up a notch this year with some really competitive guys making it really fun.  I believe this trend will continue for the 40 - 60+ crowd during the next decade.

Season wise, I cut back on the number of events this year considerably from last year.  Now that I am in full swing at work this fall, my riding hours have dropped off.  And this week and next I am getting Ahquabi in tip top shape for the race along with working long hours at work (there until 10:30 every night).  My annual training plan was targeting 400 - 420 hours and I am currently sitting at 344 hours with the final quarter of the year coming up.  The final quarter of the year is my fun riding quarter that includes a Cyclocross event, singlespeeding at Lake Ahquabi, long fall rides with the wife and just general fun mountain biking along with entering the off season weight lifting.

Now....off to work for a 13 hour day.

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