Aging Endurance Athletes...

I've been enjoying reading Joe Friel and others with regard to the aging endurance athlete.  No doubt my turning age 52 tomorrow contributes to my fascination with on the bike performance this year compared to previous years.

Thinking back to age 35-45 and how I recovered from an opera performance, a run, a bike ride, a hike, a Little League practice (coached), etc... I certainly am well aware that in my early 50's - recovery is different now than it was "back then".  Diet and how I respond is also different now than it was then.  Heck, getting out of bed in the morning is different now than it was then.  And that's not going to change!!!  As part of the aging Baby Boomer population who are fitter and more active than our parents were at our age, I continue to be fascinated with reading as much as I can about how the aging athlete performs, recovers, trains, eats, sleeps, etc... . 

Joe Friel as a whole series of blog posts going on about it that I find really interesting.  Joe is dealing with his own reality of age 69 turning 70.  His blog posts about it all can be found here.

A report released on the Master's Athlete is also quite an interesting read and can be found here.

It will remain a subject that is sure to garner more study, more articles, and more thoughts as the aging population continues to run, cycle, swim, hike, and participate in endurance events.  I will stay tuned to what is being said, as well as how my body and mind are responding.  I can certainly attest to the level of competition in my age category for mountain bike racing - be it in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, or Wisconsin.  It's great to see other guys my age taking excellent care of themselves and participating.  It doesn't keep us young, but it does keeps us fit.  Physically and mentally.

I am currently in a very busy part of my fall semester trying to balance sleep, work, and exercise.  I am stage directing 2 operas (Suor Angelica by Puccini and Curlew River by Britten) that will be performed October 11/12/13.  We hold 4 hour rehearsals every evening and on weekends.  Those duties require a non-stop stress level of problem solving, no time to eat, and requires a generous portion of my energy.  I am hosting a mountain bike race on October 5th.  It seems when it gets really busy, there are always additional things that come along just when you don't need it (committee work, everyone needs letters of recommendation at once, extra meetings,  things need "fixing", and the list just grows like rising flood water as you watch things crest).  And I still have at least 1, if not 2 races I want to do before hanging up the 2013 season - so I keep my weekly maintenance hours of intensity and recovery to stay in some assemblance of form.

Hence, I turn 52 overnight and actually feel it at the moment with miles to go before I sleep tonight.  I'm short on preparation time for this evening's rehearsal, I have no time to eat, I have no time to work in 2 extra meetings today which I have to do and I still have not organized a few things for the operas and the race that need to be done like yesterday!!!  Well - it's no wonder that I woke up this morning making my target goal racing weight!!!

Ain't stress grand for shedding pounds?

I'm hoping to sneak in a piece of something like this on Saturday night (the time my schedule and family can gather to celebrate my rolling over of the age odometer).


Saturday is the IMBCS #9 Summerset Shootout at Banner Pits.  Race, rehearse, celebrate will be my Saturday schedule with a noon race, followed by a mult-hour opera rehearsal, followed by a celebration dinner with the family.  Then a good night's sleep and right back to Sunday's opera rehearsing.  Nothing like running the batteries low!  Luckily, I am getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night on a very consistent basis.  I hope that helps me maintain my current level of insanity...

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