So much for recovery....

Well.....so much for the recovery days I had promised myself in a previous post two days ago.

Tara was able to sweet talk me into a late afternoon/early evening bike ride last night.  I promised myself to take Thursday and Friday off the bike, but I succumbed to the offer.  She was itching to get some miles in after RAGBRAI and, well....

What was the offer that made me change my mind?

A good one:  To ride the Great Western Trail and then on to Mullets for dinner before the return trip.  That's 16.5 miles x 2 + 4.5 miles x 2 = 42 miles.  That sounded good after a day of score study and working on Suor Angelica and Curlew River.

We pedaled into Des Moines and made it to Mullet's in time to grab a dinner table up on the upper terrace to enjoy the wonderful summer weather...


We both had salads after splitting a 1/2 order of nachos with brisket (YUM!). 

42 miles is not quite short enough to be considered a recovery spin, but I did manage to keep it in Zone 1/2 for the entire duration of 3 hours of on the bike time.  Legs felt good and I did want to go faster on the way home, but I held it in check.  The ride cost me more TSS than I wanted to spend with a race coming up.  Needless to say, the only goal of this race may just be to finish as my legs could be too cooked to expect anything out of them other than pain and discomfort on Sunday.

We will be rough camping, so I will bring along our camping shower and 10 gallons of drinking water.  Tara will bring her road bike along to get in some weekend miles.

Friday had me out at Lake Ahquabi for a couple of hours swinging the scythe like a mad golfer to trim some of the connector section trails.  After I had built up 2 blisters, I switched to my other tool and lopped open another section that had grown in a bit too much.  I have one section of trail left to address with the scythe and one small connector section with the loppers.  Two trees need to be hit with the chainsaw.  Then the entire route is entirely opened up with no ticklers, good sight lines and should hold pretty well as we move through August and September unless a bunch of rain comes and ignites some more growth.  Token maintenance, mowing and removal of spoke/derailleur wreckers will be done in September for final preparations.

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