Pffft....sort of describes how I feel at the end of this week.

Monday had me spending mega-hours out at Summerset State Park working on the trails with my weed trimmer.  Once the academic teaching year starts for me this coming week with faculty meetings and classes starting the next week, I won't have time to do much trail prep for the two Indianola races (one at Summerset and one at Lake Ahquabi).  I wanted to get as much work done as possible in August to lessen the load in September for trail work.  With all of the trail work I've been doing lately and my hands on the edge of numbness/carpal tunnel - the 5 hours or so of using the power weed eater sent me over the edge.  Numb as could be in the middle of the night and I woke up every 1 1/2 hours to work through the pain and numbness to restore feeling in my right hand.

Tuesday had me doing yardwork, garage work and setting up camp out at Lake Ahquabi.  I did a training ride at Ahquabi, showered and then Lisa, Tara and I made a wonderful salmon dinner over the fire.  We brought our dogs and they enjoyed the "experience".  Temperatures were in the 50's at night, so we all slept very well.  Except me.  The numb hands returned and had me nursing the numbness and pain throughout the night.  That's the worst part of carpal tunnel - lack of sleep!!!

Wednesday had me doing trail work at Lake Ahquabi from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., then I took our campsite down, packed it up and headed home.  I jumped in the shower, got dressed and ran out the door with Alexa and Tara to spend the night at the Iowa State Fair.  I pulled out the right hand wrist brace to wear during the night to help with the numbness.  And it helped a bit as I slept more than the previous two nights.

Thursday was a big day of smoking meat.  I did 2 chickens and 2 racks of ribs as we were preparing dinner for Beth Coffey and her family due to her bike accident last Sunday.  I did a training ride on the road bike with intensity to meet my weekly goals.   After the birds were smoked and looking perfect, we took the meal over at 7 and I brought her bike home with me to get it fixed.  Beth had a shiner, arm in a sling with broken collarbone (she'll be in the sling for 4 weeks), broken ribs, and contusions where her skin met the pavement.  We came home and ate our chicken and ribs and I did sleep a bit better wearing the brace again.

Friday was a plan to drive to Superior, Wisconsin for the weekend of camping and a mountain bike race at Mont du Lac.  I was feeling pffft'ed from the week and Tara talked me into bagging the trip and staying home.  I agreed and plans were scratched to make the 6 hour drive north.  I figured I could catch the IMBCS race at George Wyth State Park on the weekend.  I wasn't even really sure if it was Saturday or Sunday as my plan all along had been to head north for the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series race.  I looked at Beth's bike and realized it was beyond my scope to fix it, so took the bike up to Rassy's in Des Moines for "wreck repair".  Like a fool with numb hands, I headed back out to Lake Ahquabi and did trail work for a couple of hours, then suited up and rode the sections I had worked on to see the results.  I went home for leftovers, a shower and to rest up.  I slept the best all week with the brace on my wrist.

Saturday I woke up much too late to get it together to pack up and make the drive over to George Wyth State Park to be there in time for the 12 noon race.  Actually, when I woke up I was still under the impression the race was on Sunday.  By the time I woke up and read a few posts on Facebook, I put 2 and 2 together to figure it all out.  I guess my body needed to sleep in, so it did.  I bagged going to the race and used the day to recharge my own batteries and worked on some music that I am singing in concert on Wednesday night.  I did a lot of nothing on Saturday with the main attraction being Alexa talking me into letting her take my Samsung television to college with her this week.  Oy!   How did that happen?!!!?  This involved a trip to the store to figure out a solution - either a replacement for me, or a new one for her.  I got a Samsung replacement and we brought it home to get everything set up.  That led to moving various televisions around in the house and trying everything out to make sure everything worked, was calibrated correctly and what not.  Classic puttering...

Sunday morning arrived after a beautiful 10 hour sleep!!!  We had fresh tomatoes from our garden on toasted bagels, coffee and fresh fruit.  YUM!!   I spent several hours working on the big project in the basement, and helped Alexa get going on her college packing.  Tara and I did a nice Zone 2 road ride to Carlisle and back with a stop at The Outside Scoop to split a Sunday Sundae for our "lunch".  Tonight is our final family night out before college starts up for the kids.  We're heading up to Des Moines to one of our favorite restaurants to celebrate as a family before all going our separate ways with the academic school year.

Pffft was my week.

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