College, Heat, Tomaten, Racing...

What a week!!!

It seems like I only had time to make one post this week, but it has been rather busy with meetings, a trip to the University of Iowa to take Alexa to college, more meetings, a rehearsal, a flu/cold, and the start of the academic school year that kept me busy.  Add in some down time during the worst part of my flu/cold bug, and the week flew by.

I had to rent a U-Haul trailer to carry Alexa's belongings to the University of Iowa to move her into the dorm.  The Element with 3 people inside pretty much leaves little room to pack a dorm room full of stuff, so the U-Haul was hired.  We packed it all up on Tuesday and Alexa was mortified that I would be pulling a U-Haul.  All she could think of was the movie Legally Blonde when the character Elle arrives at Harvard with a fully loaded U-Haul truck.  I told Alexa we would see plenty of trailers, pickups, minivans, and trucks when we got there.  She didn't believe me.

Alexa and Tara with the U-Haul all loaded up on Wednesday morning and Alexa saying good bye to Max (who is used to spending many nights on her bed sleeping with her)...


The drive going the speed limit is just about exactly 2 hours from Indianola (give or take 10-15 minutes depending on if you stop or the traffic you face along the way).  We arrived about 25 minutes before our assigned move-in slot, but they let us in early and we were told we had 60 minutes to unload.  Knowing what was in the U-Haul, I thought "fat chance" of getting it done in 3-4 hours, let alone 1 hour!!!!

I was directed to park in the grass outside of a dorm next to a whole row of vehicles pulling trailers.  Alexa was still mortified that we were "one of those".  Oh well, here we are at the University of Iowa getting ready to unload the U-Haul...


Her roomate Allison arrived with her parents about 30 minutes after us and had an equally sized load as Alexa.  How they were going to fit it all in one room remained a mystery, but they lucked out in getting one of the largest dorm rooms in her building.  And it was new with excellent carpet, air conditioning, etc... - very sweet!!!   Between the 4 parents, we outfitted them with a nice sized fridge, microwave, television, printers, futon and got the room arranged to make the most of the real estate.

We headed off to Wal-Mart with Alexa to get a few last minute things (cables, light bulbs, duct tape, new pillows, laundry soap) and then stopped by the bookstore to get her 1st semester books purchased.  We went back to the room and helped organize things until the key moment when Alexa had enough of us and kindly asked us to leave at 4 p.m..  We went out in the hallway and hugged her good-bye, and the tearing up began from Tara and I.  A new chapter in Alexa's life that we are very excited about for her, and a page was turned in our "book of parents" that is a change for us as well.

Back we drove to Indianola talking about the experience from our side of the equation.  I dropped the U-Haul off and Tara and I went to Des Moines for a concert, followed by dinner downtown in Des Moines.

I had full days of meetings and workshops at work on Thursday and Friday to help take my mind off of dropping Alexa off at college.  Don't think the thought of wanting to pick up the phone and call her was not lingering in my mind!!!  It was!  I resisted and only managed to sneak in a text to her.  Tara has a busy weekend of canning thanks to bountiful pick number one...


I fought through a flu/cold that actually began last week in my stomach, gathered steam over the weekend, and knocked me out Monday - Wednesday.  I broke a fever at 4 a.m. on Wednesday morning and have slowly been getting better since then.  The bug involved mild laryngitis making it difficult to even talk Monday-Wednesday.  That broke and started getting better exactly at 6 pm on Thursday which was sort of odd.  I was talking to Tara and suddenly my speaking voice just started to come back.  Every bug is unique and odd, but at least my energy was picking up and I was sleeping.

I pushed through it all with 3 training days to keep me tuned up for a race tomorrow at Sugarbottom outside of Iowa City.  It is forecast to be in the mid 90's with a high heat index due to the humidity.  So - summer has finally arrived!!!!  Where it's been, I don't know?  But it is now here and will be here all next week in the upper 90's.  I am hydrating today to prepare for tomorrow's race.  My legs feel good - the best they have felt in 3 weeks - and I think the bike is ready.  The heat will have an effect on many of us and I will utilize the nutrition and supplements I have for the heat. 

Now, on to the weekend at hand...

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