August melt...

Nothing like a combination of the first week of the school year with the hottest week of the year to close out the month of August.  Everything seemed to be melting in the heat this week.

Yesterday set a nice little record...


I went up to Smart Honda after work yesterday to pick up our black Element that had been sitting out in the lot all day after having some brake work done on it the day before.  Climbing into a black car while wearing a suit with the tempertaure being 104 degrees was not the most pleasant experience.  Good riddance to that kind of excessive heat as we move into September!!!

I managed to get a couple of training rides in this week early in the morning when temperatures were in the 80's before heading to work and feel like I have recovered from last Sunday's race.  It was a busy week at work with a couple of nights working until midnight (opera auditions and casting), so all of that mixed with the heat puts plenty of stress on the body.  In fact, I went sub 180 for the first time this year weighing in at 179 on Thursday and Friday mornings.  Gee, maybe I'll make my season weight goal just in time for my last race. 

In terms of the heat - I am happy to hear cooler temperatures are coming...

Good luck to all of those racing the Dakota Five-0 this weekend out in Spearfish!!!  I had signed up for it back in April thinking I could train for it, work it in to fit with the XC races I wanted to do, and fit my schedule at the time.  I had to give up my spot after realizing I couldn't do it all this year (XC racing, RAGBRAI, trail maintenance at Banner and Ahquabi, and the Five-0).

Happy Labor Day Weekend to all!!

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