American Gothic and Balloons?

Odd mix for sure, but balloons and a sculpture captivated our Wednesday evening last night (with some ice cream from the Outside Scoop thrown in for good measure).   A sculpture based on Grant Wood's famous American Gothic has landed in Indianola for the next 6 months becoming the most photograhped object in years for this city.  Expect to see it on Christmas cards, announcements, family photos, blogs, Facebook, and who knows what else over the months ahead.  The city actually recently set up road blocks in front of the structure to prevent the endless stream of cars from parking in front of it to get a picture.

What most don't see in the sculpture is the point of American jobs being shipped overseas.  The country stickers on the luggage of the farmer and his spinster daughter signify all of the countries where American jobs have been shipped.  You can read about the artists, Seward Johnson, and his purpose for this project here.
Tara at 5'3" shows how tall the 30 foot sculpture is in reality...


And the Balloon Festival is underway this week with launches every day at 6:30 a.m. and p.m.  I captured a couple of shots as we headed out for ice cream last night...

P1010001 2

P1010002 2

As usual, our dogs are going mashugana when they are in the sky - and especially when they fly over or near our house.  In fact, I am about to take them for their morning walk as they hear the heaters in the balloons making noise as I type this!!!

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